When you think of the USA and Canada, you think BIG.  

BIG cities. BIG flavours. BIG fun. And BIG adventure.  

Go BIG or go home, right? 🔥 

And you defo won’t wanna go home after one of our USA and Canada trips 😉 

Winning sights you’re gonna see: 


Both are champs so we’re taking this fight to the ring 🥊 

Let’s get ready to rumbleeee 🔔 

In the purple corner, we have…


Grand Canyon

Weigh-in deets:  

  • Location: Arizona 
  • Country: United States of America 
  • Age: 5-6 million years 
  • Length: 277 miles 
  • UNESCO site from: 1979 

The canyon that takes the crown (or belt) for heavyweight champion.  

It’s red on red on red for M-I-L-E-S. 

And it’s FULL of awesome adventurous activities that finna excite the REAL you.  

Hike allll the trails. Get SOAKED on a river trip. Scream into the abyss as loud as you can – stress purged. And capture incred TikToks to make everyone back home jel af. 

You wanna see this incred rocky (😏) formation from a different angle? Opt to jump in a helicopter and take to the skies. Maverick got nothing on you with views like these.  

Hit the Grand Canyon with all you got on our USA West to East and USA East to West trips.

And in the yellow corner, we have… 


Niagara Falls

Weigh-in deets: 

  • Location: Ontario 
  • Country: Canada 
  • Age: 12,500 years  
  • Height: 188 feet 
  • UNESCO site from: N/A 

The rush of water from these epic falls (600,000 gallons fyi) literally pummels the body of river below. If it were another kind of body, that river would be knocked out for the count. No cap. 

Not only is this wonder a force of nature, its turquoise colour means it’s easy on the eyes as well. Cue allll the shameless selfies, photos, vids and TikToks. We get it. A beaut like this needs to be shared with the world. Just remember to have a moment where you FEEL its presence. Without the screen. 

Grab a seat among the other fans at Table Rock. Or (you ready for this?), opt for a closer look via a boat tour. Pack that raincoat. You don’t wanna get soaked, right? 

See this mighty winner on our USA & Canada Express trip.

So, who d’you reckon will last all ten rounds?  

Place your bets!