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If you’re lookin’ to if you’re looking for the local spots you’re not likely to see on a ‘Top 10 Things To Do in…’ list – we’ve got the lowdown for you 👀 


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We’ve teamed up with some awesome locals who know what’s hot in their city, where to get the best coffee (or beer), what cool exhibitions are out there PLUS the all-important deets on the best places to go. 😍

Let’s meet some of ‘em (including some who answered some hot off the press Qs for us!) 

Barcelona – Gabriele

Gabriele in Barcelona

Tell us your name: Gabriele, but everyone calls me Gabi (The Lithuanian Abroad on TikTok) 🤳

What’s your favourite thing to do in Barcelona: Trying out all the amazing restaurants and bars in Barcelona, spending time at the beach, enjoying the great weather in Barcelona, travelling to the surrounding areas of Barcelona.

Tell us a fun fact about Barcelona: Oh that’s a good one! My fun fact is always to ask people if they knew that Barcelona has not always been a beach city. Barcelona’s beach is artificial and was designed in 1992 when Barcelona was hosting the Olympic Games. Before that, no beach, nada! 

Your favourite food: I am in love with the Mediterranean Cuisine and I really like Spanish food. And I have a special thing for dessert. My favorite is probably “Torrija” or “Crema Catalana”. 

Tell us why our Topdeckers should take advantage of your local recs whilst in Barcelona: I have seen Barcelona as a tourist, but also as a person who lives here. That’s why I can give you the best recommendations for must-see spots, but also hidden gems and local places you must visit. Apart from that, I am a HUGE foodie and I really enjoy trying out different restaurants all over the city. Barcelona is just perfect for that! 😋

Fancy checkin’ out Gabriele’s recs? Find yourself in Barcelona whilst on our Get Social: Central & Southern Europe Highlights or Play & Pause: Epic European. ORRR if you fancy having more time to delve deeper, Delve Deep: Spain & Portugal is for you.  

Lauren – Vancouver

Lauren in Vancouver

Tell us your name: Lauren Keen (Explore Canada with Me on TikTok

What’s your favourite thing to do in Vancouver: Go hiking & try out new coffee shops  

Tell us a fun fact about Vancouver: Vancouver’s Stanley Park is 10% larger than Central Park in New York! A great way to explore it is a bike ride or walk along the Seawall. You may even spot an Orca!  

Your favourite activity: watching the sunset from different locations around the city  

Your favourite food: Fish & Chips (still on the hunt for the best fish and chips in Vancouver)  

Tell us why our Topdeckers should take advantage of your local recs whilst in Vancouver: They will allow you to see the best of what Vancouver has to offer! 

The trip to book if you want to start your Canadian adventure? Get Social: Canadian Rockies begins and ends in Vancouver – plenty of time to check out Lauren’s recs. 

Berlin – Arne

Heyyy! I’m Arne, I am a 23-year-old student who loves to expand his horizons. Born and raised in Berlin, I appreciate the diversity of cultures. There’s nothing better than exploring the city and finding new food spots and galleries.  

Check Arne’s TikTok for all his Berlin recs! 

Berlin food

Pretty much aaallll our Get Social & Play & Pause trips head to Berlin but for tons of socialising, pick the Get Social: Central Eastern Europe trip, or for some more downtime, Play & Pause: Central Europe Highlights is for you.   

Check out the awesome recs he’s provided us already:  

Lisbon – Kaitlin W

Tell us your name: Kaitlin Wichmann (Kaitlin in Portugal on TikTok)  

What’s your favourite thing to do in Lisbon: Picnic @ Jardim Do Rio 

Tell us a fun fact about Lisbon: An earthquake destroyed the city in 1755 🤯 

Your favourite activity: Padel 

Your favourite food: Pastel De Nata 

Tell us why our Topdeckers should take advantage of your local recs whilst in Lisbon: There’s a lot more to Lisbon than the typical Tourist traps! 

Lisbon is sweeeet on a Get Social: Southern Europe Highlights trip. Or pick between two Delve Deep trips: Spain & Portugal, or add Morocco in the mix!  


Hitting Delve Deep: Spain & Portugal this year? We’ve teamed up with a Lisbon local to give you REAL recs you won’t see on a Top 10 list @Kaitlin in Portugal 🌿#YourTopdeckExperience #lisbon #recommendations #traveltips #topdeck #topdecktravel #topdeckcityinsiders #visitportugal #lisbonportugal #lisbontips #travelportugal #travellisbon #thingstodoinlisbon #thingstodoinportugal

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Prague – Adri

Tell us your name: Adri Méndez (Officially Adriana De Jesús Méndez Mora but Adri is fine haha) (check her out on TikTok)  

What’s your favourite thing to do in Prague: I love going on walks, runs or bike rides down the riverside of the Vltava River. 

Tell us a fun fact about Prague: Prague has a thriving film industry which has led me to act in a bunch of commercials and tv shows since 2020. 

Your favourite activity: A very Czech thing to do is grabbing a beer with friends after a hard day at work and I can def say that I enjoy this as well. 

Your favourite food: My favorite Czech food is the Smažený sýr which is fried cheese (my first commercial was for the McDonalds McSmazak actually!), you can get it in all Czech restaurants as it’s the only vegetarian option in Czech cuisine. 

Tell us why our Topdeckers should take advantage of your local recs whilst in Prague: I’ve lived here for 6 years now and I love to explore new cafes, restaurants, events and more throughout the city and I will only recommend things to you that I believe you will enjoy. 

Check out Adri’s recs after your walking tour during a Get Social: Europe Express trip. We’ve also have it on good authority that Prague is beaut during the winter too (and you have a whole day too) on a Play & Pause: Central & Eastern Europe (Winter) trip.  


We can’t wait for you to unlock alll of Adri’s local Prague recs 🔥 but you gotta book the trip first 😉 #prague #czechrepublic #cityinsiders #yourtopdeckexperience #topdecktravel @adri mendez

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Las Vegas – Your Vegas Travel Girl

Tell us your name: YourVegasTravelGirl (check her out on TikTok)  

What’s your favourite thing to do in Las Vegas: My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is going to shows on the Vegas Strip.  

Tell us a fun fact about Las Vegas: The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on planet Earth! 

Your favourite activity: I enjoy taking photos and videos.  

Your favourite food: Steak frites 

Tell us why our Topdeckers should take advantage of your local recs whilst in Las Vegas: I like to recommend free things visitors to Las Vegas can do while they’re in town. 

Time to hit U-S-of-A? Las Vegas is calling on our Get Social: USA West to East trip. 

A group of Topdeckers on a trip in Las Vegas

And that’s not all of them!  

We’re working with so many incred people who are providing recs for 12 different categories for 25 city maps for your pleasure. They help us keep ‘em fresh and help make your trip EVEN MORE unique. 👌

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