AND THAT’S A WRAP. World F*cking PRIDE 2023. It’s gone off. Sydney World Pride will be remembered for DECADES to come. Sydney has n-e-v-e-r experienced anything like what just went down, and we are HERE FOR IT.  

It’s been a HUUUGE 17 days. Vibey people. Chaotic parties. Bangin outfits. Glitter errywhere. 

We asked the people living EVERY moment of it for their best bits. Check em out ⬇️

Oxford street transformed into a massssive street party 🥳️

“The parade returned to Oxford Street this year. That was a reallll highlight as covid the last few years had moved it away. We had the chance to see hundreds of sports teams, community groups, friends, families and more all marching on the street where it all began in 1978”.   

“I still can’t believe they closed down Oxford Street and turned it into a village, with performances, bars and street entertainers. Honestly, I think had I spent all my time there, it still would have been an amazing time!” 

Enter Dannii Minogue🎤 

“Everyone in the crowd was in shock when Dannii Minogue appeared alongside Kylie and they sang “All the Lovers”. It was the PERFECT kickstart for what was to come…”  

It was lit. If you missed it, give it a listen and sing along here.  

Sydney vibe during pride 🌈

“The city was literally a rainbow. With rainbow paths and crossings, every shop and business had something up to celebrate, even the buildings all coordinated to make a rainbow when seen from a distance”.   

We LOVE the community vibe and support that’s been felt all over Sydney 🌈. If Harry Potter taught us anything, it’s that nobody should be living in a closet… 

Inclusivity 🤝

“SWP really made an effort to include our First Nations people front and centre. This was a really special inclusion for me”. 

Marri Madung Butbut (pronounced: Mah-ree Mah-dung, Bootboot) is the largest Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander & global First Nation LGBTQIA+SB programme to take place in Australia. This programme allowed a gathering space for First Nation queer artists to share their voices for the world to hear. PREACH 🙌 

Bondi Beach Party 🏐

“The Bondi Beach Party was insaaane! That beachy backdrop and thousands of people…”  

As if everything wasn’t already VIBEY enough, the beach party the final weekend had a trulyyy special kinda energy.

The Finale 🎉

“The last night it all ended with Kim Petras and Ava Max. We were all exhausted after a huge 17 days, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell. We danced next to the rainbow CBD skyline, fireworks exploding over the top of us, alongside new friends and old. I’ve never been more proud to call Sydney home”. 

Kylie. Nicole Scherzi. Everyone coming together. What a MOOD. Could it get any better than this? We don’t reckon so. SydneyWorldPride 2023, over and out. Catch you all on the flight to Washington DC in 2025 for the next one 👋. Love always wins 🌈🌈. 

P.S is there a better bridge to walk across to march against discrimination? We don’t reckon so.