You want immersive travel?  

We’ve got the ingredients for a trip that’ll change the way you see the world.  

A deep dive into local eats. Awesome culture. Authentic experiences. And *drumrolllll* guided by a local who knows all there is to know about their home country… Yep, we’re pretty certain these trips are madeeee for your inner Indiana. 

Ready to unleash that curiosity? 

Local food that slaps

Japanese sushi on a wooden board

When we catch flights to far-flung destinations, we reckon the food’s exotic, right? Truthbomb: it’s basically their version of a chicken parmi. Need examples? Like we’d leave you hanging. 

    🍣 Sushi in Japan (obvs, but way better than your local sushi bar). 

    🍤Pinxos in Spain (you know tapas, get to know its hermanita). 

    🍞Allll the cosy Irish eats. Think: soda bread, boxty, white pudding.  

    🐟 Fish and chips in England hit different, especially at the seaside. Just sayin’. 

    🧆 Greece travel wouldn’t be the same without trying the nation’s iconic dishes: gyro, kleftiko, souvlaki, moussaka, feta… need we go on?  

Not only will you get to stuff your face with these mouth-watering, drool-worthy, so-good-it’s-worth-the-pain authentic eats, some of these foodie seshes should only be experienced one way: the local way (with us 😉).  

Authentic experiences

group of travellers on top of Santorini Volcano

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat with a family of another culture? What time do they settle down for dins? What do they talk about as they pass the salt? (Is there salt on the table?!) Travel to Jordan to find out.  

Japan travel wouldn’t be Japan travel without a glass of sake or two. Add in local breweries, immersive food markets and Buddhist rituals and you’ve hit jackpot. There’s more to see than temples and cool Samurai swords (thnx Tom Cruise), although they’re pretty epic too.  

Things to do in Greece that go beyond iconic sunsets and striking backdrops? Walk the paths glorified by the gods in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Discover hidden caves off the coast of Lefkada. And feel the mighty rumble of Santorini Volcano

Passion hits different during your Portugal travels. At a traditional fado show. We’re talking stories of long-lost love, heroic sailors and the ache to return home. All under a sizzling cloak of darkness. Goosebumps at the ready. 

Native tour guide to lead the way

Local man showing group of tourists a golden door with beautiful pattern on it

What better way to discover the depths of a country than with someone who actually LIVES there. Scrap that. Not only lives there but BREATHES their culture.  

They’re gonna know the history better than anyone. The local legends. The golden nuggets of info. The bars and restaurants hidden away from heaps of tourists.  

They’re gonna be able to tell you about the brekkie they always eat: whether they grab ‘n’ go or make it a whole extravaganza. The long lunches that turn into a goss and wine sesh. The cheeky Aperol stops post-lunch. 

Every local Topdeck tour guide LOVES their home and they’re not about to let you leave without making sure you see allll the treasure within it.  

Small group size

Small group of travellers with bicycles all smiling at camera

We know you know the travel fam is at the core of our trips. We always wanna bring together like-minded souls who are as obsessed with travel as we are. But with Delve Deep trips, it’s all about making those deeper connections. With countries. With locals. With your trip mates. And with yourself.  

Be your curious self on a Delve Deep trip. It’s gonna Blow. Your. Mind.