At Topdeck, we’re fierce fans of being the REAL YOU no matter where you are in the world.

And no event champions diversity and acceptance better than PRIDE. 🏳️‍🌈

So, here are all the 2024 Pride events you can catch on our European and US-of-A trips this year.

Write these dates down 📅

Paint the town rainbow in sunny Los Angeles.  

Kicking off on the 8th of June, LA Pride is an extravaganza of love, diversity, and acceptance.  

We’re talking glitter-filled parades, delish food vendors, high-energy performances, bangin’ DJs and crowds buzzing with positivity. 😍

It’s a festival that truly embodies the spirit of Pride. Trust us.   

Time your visit with our Get Social: USA West to East trip and join us in the heart of the festivities.  

Pssst! Stick around for a couple of days after your trip finishes and you’ll catch New York Pride on June 28 too. Perffff timing. 

Unleash your inner gladiator of love in the eternal city of Rome.  

From June 13 to 16, Roma Pride will take over the city with a splash of colour to celebrate 30 years of Pride here.  

Think: HUUUUGE celebrations.  

Imagine marching down ancient streets, past iconic landmarks (hello, Colosseum) – all while celebrating the vibrant spectrum of human diversity. Yaas Queen.  💃

Catch this unforgettable experience on our Delve Deep: Italy trip. Hot tip: either end your Italian adventure at Roma Pride by choosing the June 2 departure orrrr join the festivities at the start of your June 16 departure. Molto bene! 

Get ready to light up the city that never sleeps with your spirit of Pride! 🌈

New York City’s skyscrapers will be awash with rainbow-coloured flags from June 28 to 30. Stick around a couple of days after our Get Social: USA West to East trip departing on June 8 to catch alllll the festivities! 

The energy is infectious, the love is visible, and the celebration is unforgettable. This is the place to be to express your true self and celebrate diversity in all its wonderful forms.  

Join us and take a bite of the Big Apple’s Pride celebrations – it’s a taste you’ll never forget! 

On June 29, London Pride 2024 is turning this iconic city into a grand stage for love, acceptance and a bucket-load of fun. 🥳

Strut down a rainbow-coloured Abbey Road in your most slay outfit. Bring out your inner Spice Girl next to Buckingham Palace. Bust out your Beyonce twirk on London Bridge.  

You don’t need to be a Windsor to feel like royalty in this city. 👑

To join the celebrations, add a couple of days to the start of your Play & Pause: Central Europe Highlights, Play & Pause: Intro to Europe and Get Social: Central Europe Highlights trip. Or stick around after your Central & Eastern Europe trip departing on June 5.  

Trust us, London Pride is lit and here’s the proof:  

Join the fabulous festivities at Vancouver Pride to see why they call this city the “Hollywood of the North”. 🍁

From July 27 to August 4, the rainbow is set to take over the city – with the days leading up to the parade on August 4 packed with events and festivities. This is the place to let your true colours shine.   

Get on your Get Social: Canadian Rockies trip early to catch the start of an unforgettable celebration at the opening ceremony.  

Say it with us: rayk-yah-vik. Keep practising cos’ you’re going to be talking about Reykjavik’s Pride festivities for years to come!  

From August 4 to 11, Reykjavik Pride paints the town with vibrant rainbow hues as the nation celebrates that in Iceland, you can enjoy the freedom of being and living who you are.  

If that’s not REAL, we don’t know what is.  

Join our Delve Deep: Iceland trip departing August 10 to celebrate love and acceptance in the land of fire and ice. We’ll be the ones in the furry purple Viking helmets.  

Want some hot tips on how to prepare for Pride? Check out our Ultimate Pride Survival Guide.  

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