Admittedly, when packing for my Morocco Topdeck trip I focused more on style and was preoccupied with questions of what scarf would match what maxi dress. In reality, style be damned, I realised there are key items to bring! Read on for 20 travel essentials to pack for Morocco.

It’s incredible how one minute you are drinking, no, chugging, water with a scarf wrapped around your head out of necessity (not fashion); and the next you’re in fuzzy socks and a sweater. It’s a volatile climate that changes swiftly from the Sahara Desert to the top of the Atlas Mountains to the frying-pan heat of Marrakech.

1. Imodium/Gastro Stop

Let’s be honest, traveller’s diarrhoea is a real concern in Morocco and when every single person on the trip falls ill, Imodium is passed around like Skittles. Lesson here? Bring Imodium to Morocco.

2. Water, plenty of water

It goes without saying that drinking plenty of water in Morocco is necessary. If there is ever a time to be worried about hydration, it’s when you’re in the Sahara Desert!

3. Socks

Most hotels have cold, stone floors so socks come in handy to keep feet toasty.

4. Electrolyte tablets

If you should unfortunately get a dodgy tummy while travelling, these handy tablets are crucial for keeping you hydrated and giving your body the necessary vitamins needed to avoid dehydration. You gotta be savvy when you pack for Morocco!

5. Sunscreen

You’re in Africa. Enough said.

6. Hat

Protect your face and head from the blazing sun (and early aging) with a hat. Ain’t nobody got time for sunstroke.

7. Insect Repellant

Some rely on the local method of ‘amber stones’ which Moroccans seem to swear by. But if that doesn’t work: the good old tried and tested insect repellant is a must.

8. Head wraps & scarves

Both out of respect to local customs and to protect from the heat, scarves are the best travel accessory in Morocco. Whether I wrapped them around me when I was cold, wrapped my head when I was hot or covered my hair in a mosque, scarves are necessary.

Marrakech Medina Pack For Morocco

9. Loose fitting pants

Likewise, loose fitting pants are key when you pack for Morocco. Forget the jeans, the hot weather will just make you feel like you’re walking around in a sausage casing.

10. Long skirts & maxi dresses for the ladies

Similar to the head scarves, it’s out of respect for ladies to bring long dresses and skirts to Morocco to cover up.

11. Appropriate footwear

Sneakers in the High Atlas, sandals in Marrakech, flip flops at the Sahara camp – bring suitable shoes for wherever you’re going. Trust us.

12. Swimsuit

I didn’t think I would need a swimsuit in Morocco, but when we arrived in the Sahara and had time to kill by a hotel pool it was incredible to cool off and evade the heat.

13. A light sweater

The High Atlas Mountains can be cold, so having a light sweater proved surprisingly necessary (not to mention it was great to have on the always freezing international flights). Pack for Morocco – pack for all kinds of weather!

14. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an obvious necessity in Marrakech to protect your eyes, but also for walking through the medina to browse without a vendor catching your gaze and hawking their products for the next 15 minutes.

15. Backpack

A day pack is necessary for the Sahara as you’ll ditch your suitcase for a night and just take what you absolutely need.

16. Travel-size toilet paper or bathroom wipes

Just bring it. There are some questionable bathroom situations to be had in Morocco (particularly in the smaller villages) and when you’re confronted with either paying for toilet paper or doing without, you’ll be happy you brought your own.

17. Hand sanitiser

A super-handy way to keep your hands clean, particularly as you’ll be eating with them often.

18. Brand products from home you can’t live without

Any face washes, contact lenses solution, feminine products etc. you use on a daily basis should be brought with you because in Morocco, you’ll be hard pressed to find brand names you like back home.

19. Eye mask

I don’t usually wear eye masks while sleeping but in the Sahara the sand blew on our faces all night. Although I woke up still covered head-to-toe in sand, my mask protected my eyes.

20. Adaptor

You should always have this while travelling! Thank us later.

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