Remember when you used to watch movies like The Matrix, Blade Runner or Total Recall and think, “I wonder what the future will look like in real life?”.

Well, Singapore saw these movies and then made it happen. Actually, that’s wrong.

They made it better.

1. Forests and pools on top of buildings that touch the sky and have ferris wheels in the background…yeah that’s totally normal.

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2. The view from the pool ain’t bad either.

3. This thing destroys moons and invading starships… we think.

4. The cab drivers are insanely quick.

5. Trees have replaced leaves with neon lights because of disco-evolution. It’s science.

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6. Just in case you weren’t impressed already.

7. Nature makes some good waterfalls..but man-made can bring it too.

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8. 2015? Nup. 3015.

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9. The new Star Wars is being released this Christmas and IT’S not going to look this futuristic.

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10. The future isn’t all fun and games though…GIANT LION MERMAIDS THAT SHOOT WATER FROM THEIR MOUTHS!

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11. Food from the future is sexy too.

12. Future fog. It’s better than today fog.

13. Not so scary when you see them up close.

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14. They drink beer upside down in the future.

15. Ummm…this is a house. It might also be a space ship.

16. Glass is cool but angled glass is really cool.

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17. This hallway…are you serious? We’re amazed that guy isn’t firing a phaser at a klingon.

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18. In the future everyone matches neon colours. Obviously.

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19. Art in the future will straight up eat you.

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20. Ready for take-off. Thanks Singapore now we have to go back to our stone age homes.

Are you living in the stone age too? Let us know your future plans in the comments below.

Ben is an international man of mystery. Born in Wales, raised in Canada and now living on the east coast of Australia. He married an Aussie girl and now stuck in a sub-tropical paradise. He loves movies, basketball and most of all, travelling the world.