It’s all about balance and efficiency; pack too much and your back will hate you. Pack too little, and you’re going to regret not bringing at least one warm layer when the weather takes a turn on your stop in Amsterdam.

Knowing what to pack for each different eventuality is another one of the many things to think of before you hit the road on your trip!

In this instance though, you are about to board a Turkish gulet for a blissful trip filled with fun, sun and #memorymakingmoments but you’ve never been on a boat before. We’ve got your back!

Here are the seven things you’ll definitely need to make your trip the best ever.

1. Peshtemal

Arguably one of Turkey’s most popular exports, this well-loved Turkish towel is an absolutely essential part of your sailing kit. Light and quick drying, it’s the ultimate travel towel that can be scrunched up into your bag, or laid out on the deck with equal ease. You’ll be chillaxing in the sun like a boss from sun-up to sun-down, so you need something you can use all day without it staying damp.

2. Go Pro

Or some kind of waterproof camera. Needless to say you’ll be getting wet and there’s nothing worse than stressing about whether your camera or phone is still going to work. From snorkelling, paragliding and diving off the back of the gulet, to hiking up St Nicholas to watch the sunset, the Go Pro works for everything. Catch all the fun with videos and hi-res pictures so you’ll have the most bangin’ slide night when you get home.

3. Cash

There’s a bar on board stocked with all manner of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which you will definitely want to purchase at some point. Despite the beautiful sunsets and general cruisy vibes, beer o’clock is a tough time if you don’t have the cash to pay for a frosty. Add to that when the enterprising locals take to the water throughout the day in small boats to sell their wares (ice-cream and gozleme), you’ll want in on the action, and they don’t take plastic.  

4. Sunglasses

Aside from looking totally pimp in all your pics, you’ll want a pair of shades to shelter your peepers behind. With so many sunsets to watch, they’ll help you avoid the squint factor.  

5. Sunscreen

Don’t be led astray by the cool breeze. Turkish sun is hot, hot, hot. And dealing with a sunburn is no way to spend a holiday. You want your holiday tan to be healthy not harmful so slap some SPF onto that skin. If you are of a particularly pale complexion, don’t forget about the water makes getting sunburned even easier so re-apply or risk lobster skin!

6. Playlist

Once you’ve won over the crew and your boatmates with your wit and charm, you’ll be able to wow them with your DJ skills by taking over the music system. All you have to do is cue up some sweet tunes on your smartphone before plugging into the gulet’s AV system. Voila—your very own dance party! Don’t be greedy and hog the speakers though; it will be a much more enjoyable trip if there’s a mix of music!

7. Your appetite

When hungry hour hits, your crew will have a scrumptious feast laid out, ready for you to fill up. A classic Turkish breakfast will start your day right, and then when the bell rings for lunch you’ll be lining your stomach again for the afternoon’s escapades. Once you’ve had your fill of salty adventures, there’s afternoon tea (melon, cheese and biscuits), followed by an amazing BBQ and assorted salad dinner to deal with, all before hitting the sack only to wake with the sun and do it all over again!  

Desta Cullen
A Sunshine Coast native (via Belize and the US), Desta’s a freelance writer, editor and digital content kid with a serious case of wanderlust. Her work has been published on ABC Radio National, Tourism Queensland’s Hello Sunshine Blog, Peppermint Magazine, and the now defunct Jmag, among others. With a heart full of ambition and a head full of dreams, she recently said goodbye to her full-time gig covering all things health, beauty, culture and food at lifestyle publication, The Urban List, to go hard at the freelance life. Oh, and then there’s the very important business of making her dogs Insta-famous… #itsarufflife.