If you build only one bucket list for 2017, THIS is it!

Grab your passport – and a sense of adventure. We’ve compiled our all-inclusive, top-trending, essential, MUST-see destinations for 2017.

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1. Greece

Greece Topdeck Travel Santorini The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

It wouldn’t be the ULTIMATE bucket list without this idyllic Mediterranean paradise smack bang at the top of our list. This year, make a New Year’s resolution you’ll be happy to keep: go somewhere insanely unforgettable. And for 2017 make sure it’s Greece! Think: gyros for breakfast, lunch and dinner, whitewashed buildings and those Insta-worthy sunsets. It’s safe to say we’re in lurrrve.

2. Croatia

Dubrovnik Topdeck Travel Croatia The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Marvel at this medieval beauty and see for yourself why we’re head over heels. With almost guaranteed sunshine year-round and boasting dazzling beaches in Split, charming cobbled streets in Dubrovnik and a big ol’ serving of history (like, everywhere) Croatia deserves to be forever at the top your bucket list.

3. Iceland

Iceland Topdeck Travel  The Ultimate 2017 Bucket ListIceland Topdeck Travel Image The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Iceland in real life = SO. COOL. And by cool we mean freeze-your-toes-off-fresh AF vibes. Well, maybe not that extreme but you get the point. It’s cold. Home to the elusive Northern Lights, magical elves (seriously!) and authentic Nordic hospitality, Iceland has us wanderlusting. Hard. Make sure you experience this Nordic gem for yourself this year.

4. Spain

Madrid Spain Topdeck Travel The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Strut your way through the streets of Spain during the day, steal a quick siesta then get ready for a fiesta, the Spanish way! Just imagine: sangria, tapas and an endless supply of churros – sounds like our type of #paradise

5. Italy

Topdeck Travel Italy Venice The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Italy is one of those places where everything is a full-on-sensory overload. From the extremely incredible pizza, the rich architecture to the endless amounts of aperitivo – you won’t be disappointed. Simply, bellissimo! This year, the streets of Rome, Florence, Venice and beyond are beckoning – how could you resist?

6. New Zealand

Top deck Travel Queenstown New Zealand The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Kia Ora! Home to more than just the backdrop to Lord of the Rings, seeing each and every part of New Zealand is a no-brainer. First of all, the coastline is flawless, the mountains are oh-so dramatic and the countryside is beyond idyllic – but it’s the people, culture and adrenaline-fuelled activities that will have you craving all things ‘Kiwi’.

7. Canada

Canada Topdeck Travel The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Oh, Canada! This epic, natural beauty is more than just maple leaves and wildlife. From flawless scenery to “The Rockies”, Canadians will welcome you with open arms, make you fall in love with their charming accent and be sure you never want to leave. For the ultimate outdoorsy types to the foodies (hello poutine!) and culture fanatics, Canada gets our vote as one of the standout, must-see-before-you-die essential places to visit in 2017.

8. Japan

Japan Topdeck Travel The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Fact: you will NEVER get bored in Japan. Quirky? Yes. Colourful? Absolutely! This not-to-be-missed cultural hub is bursting with history, futuristic vibes and guaranteed good times. From the sprawling city of Tokyo, a culture-trip in Kyoto to the robot restaurants galore, this country has it all.

9. Morocco

Topdeck Travel Morocco The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

We can’t get enough of Morocco! For a burst of colour and all-things-exotic, Morocco offers a taste of the Middle East. A melting pot of Mosques, souks and glorious food, Morocco creates the ultimate fusion of experiences. It’s time to pack yo’ bags and go. Don’t forget your magic carpet!

10. Indonesia

Top deck Travel Bali The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

For total Insta-envy, head to Indonesia, stat. Year after year, Indonesia continues to flex its muscles as one of the world’s most exciting and culturally rich places. Between vitamin D top-ups, yoga hangouts and mountain bike riding in Canggu, you know where to find us.

11. Australia

WhitehavenBeach Australia Paradise Topdeck Travel The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

There’s no place like Australia. If it’s a beachy, relaxing holiday you’re after – look no further than the great land down under. From mesmerising landmarks, trademark surfer vibes to its incredible wildlife, Australia ticks ALL the boxes. In one word: INCREDIBLE!

12. Tanzania

Tanzania Topdeck Travel  The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List
Tanzania Topdeck Travel The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Tanzania is an astounding natural beauty. Fact. For the nature buffs and animal lovers looking for a side of adventure, this East African gem is a must for 2017. With seriously Instagram-able landscapes – from the Serengeti National Park, to the Ngorongoro Crater and onwards to the lush island of Zanzibar – the country is full of surprises.

13. United States of America

Top deck Travel New York The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List

Supersized? Yes. Incredible? Double yes! Allow the “Land of Opportunity” to overwhelm and excite your senses. Home to the A-Listers, drool-worthy food and all the icons, we’re all about the USA, USA, USA!

14. Portugal

Portugal Topdeck Travel Bucket ListPortugal Topdeck Travel Bucket List

Well-seasoned travellers are taking notice of Portugal, and you should to. Home to fresh, hearty fare inspired by the landscape, robust history and wine you’ll want to smuggle by the dozen – it’s everything a Topdecker could want. In Lisbon, search for endless street art, handfuls of Portuguese tarts plus nightlife to rival its European neighbours.

15. Myanmar

Topdeck Travel Myanmar Bucket List

More over Southeast Asia, Myanmar is the must-visit country on the block for 2017. Myanmar is by no means subtle – it packs a punch in every way – from its breathtaking landmarks to its standout cuisine, uncover Myanmar for yourself and experience this jaw-dropping place with a magic touch.

Kick start 2017 the right way and find your adventure here.

Gemma Music
Gemma is a travel lover based in Toronto. When she’s not patting the nearest pup or trying the latest insta-food trend, you can find her with her passport clutched firmly in hand, ready for the next adventure.