Guaranteed, Iceland will take your breath away  – and not just because it’s cold (note: freezing), but because it’s holy freakin’ incredible.

Busting with cosmopolitan vibes to make any capital city jealous, it’s safe to say we’re in lurrrrvee. Step off the plane and instantly fall head over heels for the fresh nordic air (so good – you’ll want to bottle it) and Icelandic hospitality.

From natural wonders to the uber-cool Reykjavik, if you do one thing today, make sure it involves booking a trip to Iceland. Like, now.

Read on for 13 reasons to make you wanderlust.

1. You can see THIS


Do these even need explaining? I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! While there is no guarantee you will see any activity in the sky, the chase is half the fun. TOP TIP: Download one of the many Northern Lights photography apps to help capture that geomagnetic activity dancing in the sky.

2. You can transport yourself to the future


Impressively whimsical, this spaceship-like structure sure is a step into the future. Like most Nordic countries, the Icelander’s have a taste for quirky design. Impossible to miss, the Hallgrímskirkja church is perched atop the city centre and can be spotted from miles away. While you’re there, head to the top of the spire for a view to satisfy your eyeballs.

3. You can hot dog-until-you-drop


Keep reading before passing hot dog judgement. Please. Forget about the local delicacies of fermented shark, whale or puffin, it’s all what comes out of the local joint known as Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur. Located on the edge of the Reykjavik harbour, when we say it’s ‘not-to-be-missed’, we mean it. Word on the street states that over 70% of the country’s population have eaten from this harbour-side stand.

4. You can see the weird (and wonderful?) at the Penis Museum
Officially titled the Icelandic Phallological Museum, need we say more?

5. You can get the magic vibes


Magic how, you say? Elves. Yes– the magical kind. An essential part of Icelandic folklore, listen closely as the locals speak on the ‘Hidden People’ with stories handed down over generations. If anything, we’re holding the elves responsible as the reason to make Iceland sparkle – maybe that’s why we’re all head-over-heels obsessed?

6. You’ll be mesmerised by this


Hands down, one of Iceland’s most iconic attractions, Geysir (translating to ‘gusher’) is a must. Sitting in the heart of the geothermal region, the Golden Circle loop offers an array of boiling mud pits and the famous hissing Strokkur plays it’s part in keeping the crowd entertained. Sit tight, and watch the hot-spring explode every few minutes.

7. You can splash here


Just to clarify, the Blue Lagoon is actually a man-made geothermal spa, however still guaranteed to induce much ‘WOW’ given the other-worldly lava fields that surround the area. Scoop up a handful of white silica mud, slather it all over your bod, grab a beverage and float your troubles away.

8. You can hang with these guys 


The Icelandic Horse – an intrinsic part of the history and culture of the country, these furry guys (often pony-size) are worthy of a meet and greet.

9. You can dive between continents


For an out-of-this-world experience, diving between continents just makes sense in Iceland.

10. You can go whale watching 


One of Iceland’s most beloved pastimes, step into the Reykjavik harbour to catch a glimpse of humpbacks and minkes. Try your luck just walking around the bay or flex your eyes further and jump on a cruise (departing from the Old harbour) to go that extra mile.

11. You can froth over waterfalls

Gullfoss, aka ‘The Golden Falls’ for sure live up to the name. Watch as the icy water thunders over an impressively narrow gorge. Regardless of the season, be it summer or winter you’re guaranteed a true show of natural beauty.

12. You can see the Harpa Concert Hall sparkle


Fans of music and architecture shouldn’t miss Reykjavik’s buzzing Harpa Concert Hall. A beauty in itself, the facade was designed to both reflect and absorb sunlight depending on the season. Watch as the colours on the exterior change for something truly spectacular.

13. You can eat here


Lastly, another dirty (but not actually dirty) snack to add to your MUST list. Head to Reykjavik Chips and go crazy with cones to rival those found in the likes of Amsterdam and Brussels.

Are you getting all the Iceland feels? Bounce here for Nordic magic.

Gemma Music
Gemma is a travel lover based in Toronto. When she’s not patting the nearest pup or trying the latest insta-food trend, you can find her with her passport clutched firmly in hand, ready for the next adventure.