With an appetite to explore and a sense of urgency to eat, see and uncover the world, watch out 2017 – the millennials are on the move.

We’ve cast our eye over the most searched destinations on the Topdeck site for 2016 and the results are in. This year, it’s all about sun, sand and all things exotic with travellers on the hunt for cultural experiences and to be immersed in ‘all-things-local’.


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Gone are the days when holidays were pretty #basic and all about sipping Bingtangs on the beach for two weeks. How about traipsing across globe to visit Great Auntie-whoever and long lost cousins? No, thank you.

Determined by our very own #Topdeckers, these are the places we expect to find you in 2017.

Ready for major wanderlust?

We love Croatia, and looks like millennials are on the same page. Think: off beat cities like the oh-so romantic Zadar where you can chill out, kick back and enjoy the essence of Croatia – minus the swarms of tourists in Dubrovnik and Split.

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Italy will always be in our hearts – and nothing speaks the language with more gusto than our Bravo Italia trip. With local guides in Assisi, Siena, Florence and Lucca, save the solo stress or hassle of navigating through historic sights and leave it to the experts (*cough* Topdeck).


Greece is heating up, taking out the top spot as one of the most searched destinations. This year, go once step further and take on Greece the right way. Mode of transport: a yacht, of course! Cruise through the smaller islands with the Aegean Odyssey trip to explore quaint AF towns and nightlife the alternative way. Think: boutique local restaurants and ALL the wine. It’s Greece, but not like you’d expect.


Spain will continue to be an absolute magnet for travellers. This year, look no further than the Spanish Fiesta. Dive head first into local fare and storm your way through cities that will welcome you with open arms. Did someone say, churros?

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Of course, Iceland continues to cement its reputation as the place you visit once and instantly know you’ll be back. Tick off the bucket list attractions, but make sure you stay for the underground bar scene and thriving nightlife. Who would have thought?!

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