Like most global adventures, you’re guaranteed to learn more about the world on a trip then you would in a classroom – and a trip to Africa is no exception!

Start your travel education in Tanzania with this crazy, too-good-to-be-true and inspiring way to travel, aka safari-style on the 11 day Highlights of Tanzania trip.

Once you’ve got the formidable “Africa” by Toto song out your head, the next source of entertainment will be your Trip Leader (read: walking, talking Wikipedia-esque travel guide) to share their extensive knowledge and facts about this wild continent.

Whether it’s spotting leopards in the Serengeti, or lazing in hammocks on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar, you’ll uncover lessons from the road AND make memories to last a lifetime.

Take one inquisitive passenger plus one incredible Trip Leader, and what do you get?

Read on to find out.

Topdeck Travel Image Safari

1. The oldest person to ever conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro was an 87-year-old Frenchman. #LifeGoals!

2. Nutmeg, one of the most popular spices grown on Zanzibar Island is said to be quite the aphrodisiac! Oh, la la!


3. The official language of Tanzania is Swahili however there are believed to be over 120 languages spoken fluently.

4. Zebra’s stripes are designed to confuse their predators as they run in a zig zag pattern. Clever, right?


5. Only lady baboons showcase that impossible-to-miss red bottom.


6. Across East Africa be sure to listen out for “karibu,” meaning ‘welcome’ or “asante sana” meaning ‘thank you very much’.

7. In the Zanzibar archipelago of Tanzania, you may stumble across the largest crab in the world: the coconut crab.

8. Tanzania itself is home to over 162 different tribes actively living across the country.

9. Ticking off the Big Five (Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, Black Rhino and Lion) is actually harder than it sounds, as it’s estimated to be only 120 wild Black Rhinos in Tanzania.


10. Tanzania is almost TWICE the size of California.

11. The legendary Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, was lucky to be born in the idyllic paradise that is Zanzibar.


12. Tanzania is home to one of the most expensive hardwood trees in the world; the Mpingo trees, also known as the African Blackwood tree.

13. The most important lesson of them all? Camping is an absolute breeze when you wake up to views like THIS! #bliss



If you’re looking for an adventure to “WOW” you, make your heart-stop and ultimately change the way you travel forever, Africa is the ONE!

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Polly Lomas
In 2017, Polly hopes to make her #TravelGoals come alive by visiting India, Greece and Myanmar.