Big music fan? Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together the BEST music cities in the US no matter what you’re feelin. Whether you love a bit of hip hop, country or the Latin fiesta vibes, the US of A got you sorted 😍. 

Miami: The City of Latin Music

When picturing Miami, you might think of palm trees, beaches and banging weather. What you mightttt not know is that Miami is the Capital of Latin Music, mainly down to its diverse population of Latin American settlers. Miami is a hub for ALL THINGS FIESTA, including salsa, reggaeton, meregue and bachata. The city is also home to the annual Latin Grammy Awards and its nightlife scene is buzzing with Latin clubs like Ball & Chain and El Patio. Yassss… So if you love a fiesta soundtrack on your Spotify (who doesn’t), Miami’s got you.  

Los Angeles: The Birthplace of West Coast Hip Hop

Ok, you might not have known about Miami being the Latino Queen of the US 👑, but you probbbbably know LA led to the rise of some serious music legends like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube, who put LA on the hip hop map. Hip hop in LA started around the 80’s with a group of rappers and DJs in South Central LA wanting to create a new sound to spotlight black youth experiences. Our Get Social: USA West to East trip starts in LA, giving you the chance to see the World Famous VIP Records in Long Beach and take a tour of Compton to see where some of the biggest names in hip hop started off. What you waiting for 👀? 

Nashville: The Home of Country Music

Country more your thannggg? This blog would be a poor effort if we didn’t mention Nashville aka Music City, the heart and SOUL of country music. Nashville is home to the Grand Ole Opry, a weekly country music radio show, and also the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Well worth a visit. FUN FACT Nashville isn’t just about twangy guitars and country beats – the city has also produced Taylor Swift and Kesha. Get ready for iconic honky tonks, line dancing and cowboy boots during our vibey Nashville stop on our Get Social: USA West to East trip

New Orleans: The Birthplace of Jazz

As if we hadn’t covered enough music genres already, the birthplace of jazz is also an unreal city to add to an epic USA road trip (with us 😏). New Orleans is a LIT place to be for Mardi Gras, if you don’t believe us check it out here. This vibrant city is a HOTBED of musical talent. Jazz emerged in the late 19th century from a mix of African American, Creole, and European musical traditions, and New Orleans was at the heart of it all. What a place to feel ALIVEEE. Come and party the night away with us at epic clubs like Preservation Hall and Tipitina’s… 

Ready to get vibing whilst living your best life round America? Whether you wanna immerse yourself in the hip-hop scene in LA or get into a bit of country in Nashville, come and do it with us. We reckon you might even come back with a new fav genre or artist…  

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