Environmental issues impacting our planet are taking centre stage this Earth Month! We’re HERE to do our bit as our earth deserves to be seen and appreciated🌍.  

Let’s kick off with some epic Earthy songs to give you all the feels. 

  1. Earth (lil Dicky) 
  1. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) 
  1. Will.I.Am: S.O.S (mother nature) 
  1. Billie Eilish: All the Good Girls go to hell 
  1. MJ: Earth Song 

Sooo hopefully you popped your earbuds in, had a listen and wanna help our pachamama (Mother Earth) by making some changes this Earth Month. 

Always wanted to drift along Venice’s iconic canals? You can’t if Venice sinks. 

Keen to sail round the Greek Islands? No canny do if Greece is on fire. 

Want that iconic Canada lake pic? Not if glaciers continue shrinking. 

Let’s all look after Mother Earth like J-Lo looks after her squat regime and not like Liam Hemsworth looked after Miley. Check out some pachamama-saving tips! 

Switch up how you explore 

It’s obv a lot easier to get around by cars/ubers, but let’s be real, we do appreciate the walk when we ACTUALLY do it. Join us on walking tours through iconic locations instead, get those Apple watch steps in & you and your peachy bum can thank us laterrr 🍑 

Shift how you travel

If you’ve ended up on this Earthy blog, you prob love the world just as much as us. Soo how can you reduce emissions but still travel? 

  • Usually get a cab to the airport? Jump in with a mate or use a rideshare app 
  • Solo travelling? Meet mates along the way and link up for rides or excursions OR join us for an epic group trip 👀 
  • Already booked a Topdeck trip? Hit up travellers on the app before you arrive and share transport (and save a shit load too) 

Chuck away less food 🍔 

Sounds simple but over a third of ALL food produced (2.5 billion tons) is lost or wasted every. single. year. Don’t order those chicken nuggz at the end of the night if you know you can’t hack em alongside a big mac and a McFlurry (you can always get them after if you still crave em). Just eat what’s on your plate and save a polar bear mate. 

Reduce and REUSE 

Name ten toiletries you pack when travelling. 3… 2… 1… GO!  

Do you refill any of them on the reg?  

Do you grab takeaway coffees when travelling the world? If 2 mill people reused their cup even just ONCE a week it would save over 100m cups a year from landfill. So bring your reusable cup along on your travels and even save money in some places by doing so. Win win. 

We’ve all got something we can improve. So this Earth Day, we want you to shut your eyes tight, think about any small changes that could make a difference and why this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Earth is worth protecting. Then you can continue to travel the world and ALSO know you’re changing some of your habits to help 💙.