Warning: you’re gonna salivate all over your screen. 

New Orleans eats

Pot of jambala from New Orleans

Home to jazz, voodoo and gators 🐊, New Orleans is also home to some TASTY treats that’ll get your mouth drooling more than the latest thirst trap you see. Think: gumbo, jambalaya, BBQ shrimp, crawfish and MORE.  

Smack your lips every second you’re in this awesome city on the Get Social: USA West to East trip. And, if your inner chef’s up for the challenge, book onto the optional New Orleans cooking class 🧑‍🍳

NYC snacks 

Box of square pizza on streets of New York City

🍎 The Big Apple with even bigger eats. EVERYONE talks about how good a snack is in New York City.  

*Takes a deep breath* From pizza slices on every corner to the classic Sunday bagel and schmear staple to a delishhh pastrami on rye to the newer invention of the cronut, there’s defo something you’ll wanna fill your bellies with every second you’re in this city. 

Fly in a few days before the Get Social: USA East to West trip begins and get this road trip started the way it deserves.  

Vancouver dishes

Young woman eating clam chowder in Vancouver

Surrounded by water, you’ll guess right that plenty of Vancouver dishes have a seafood edge. Let’s see… B.C. roll (sushi), candied salmon, Dungeness crab, West Coast oysters, clam chowder and spot prawns. So, if you’ve got a taste for life under the sea, Vancouver’s a prettyyy decent place to visit. Good job you start your trip there on our Get Social: Canadian Rockies adventure 🐠 

Isla Holbox bites

Mexican tacos in Isla Holbox

Wanna head to warmer climates? Enter Mexico with a tasty BANG! Delve Deep: Mexico to be exact. You think you know what’s coming, but you’re in for a surprise. Count down to REAL local food from this sun-soaked island in uno, dos, tres… 

  1. aguachiles (Mexican shrimp ceviche) 🦐 
  1. chicharron (pork rinds) 🥓 
  1. chilaquiles (traditional Mexican breakfast on tortilla) 🍳 
  1. tacos de cochinita pibil (slow roasted pork in a banana leaf) 🌮 

OH! And there’s a cooking demo included in your trip too. Sweet!