Because the ones that just get it – get it! 

Feel like a Mirrorball, where you feel like you’re not showing the real you and fearing that you’re not enough?  

And when you’re the real you, you’ll attract those who are meant for you. Because we don’t chase, we attract!  

We knowwwww it’s Valentine’s Day soon buuuut we think there’s room to embrace all types of relationships, including those fast-track friendships you’ll make on your Topdeck trip!  

Why your Topdeck friendships will be the G.O.A.T 

When you book that trip, you can guarantee the people you’ll meet will be SO likeminded. The yin to your yang, the chip with your dip, the Harry to your Styles, they’ll also want to:  

A group of girls on a Topdeck trip

There are no rules! No expectations on “who” you are.  

Because if you can’t love yourself, how on earth are others gonna love you? (ty RuPaul). 

So get comfy, because you’re gonna be free to truly be yourself = no judgement!  

You only have a set number of days to spend with your trip mates, so why waste it trying to pretend to be someone who you’re not. Sounds pretty lame tbh.  

Because when you go on a Topdeck trip, you will:  

Find your tribe, your people 👋 

Thrive in shared experiences together 🫶 

Make a bond that’s unbreakable 🔐 

A group in Greece during a Topdeck trip in the sea covered in mud

And you’ll have some awesome memories to look back on together (yay for WhatsApp chats!) 📱 

You guys ship your travel mates so much, some Topdeckers shared how they all still stay in touch because friends who travel together, stay together:  

What Topdeckers said:  

“Met my besties on Paula’s Spain & Portugal trip last May! 1 girls trip down and 2 more planned!” – Emma  

“Made friends with a girl from Germany and she came to my country to visit. I’ve also gone to see many friends in Australia” – Nicole 

“Yessss still have our original group chat ❤️” – Rachael 

“Travelled to Europe together in 2017 and now I’m invited to her wedding in March 👰” Aisha 

“Multiple! New Zealand ‘20 chat – kept each other company during the pandemic 🙌” – Johanna  

A Topdeck trip group gazing at the sunset

“Met my 2 bestest friends in Greece 7 years ago. We chat every day through Messenger” – Ash  

“I’m still best friends with a girl I met on my 2017 trip. She lives in America, me in Aus and I’ve now met her husband and babies!” – Jess  

“I met my friend last year on a Delve Deep Italy trip. I’m English, he’s from NZ and we like to FaceTime and want to do another Topdeck trip together 😁” – Nicole  

“Yes! Met one of my now besties Ella on a Turkey trip and then we did Morocco back in 2017” – Jenn  

“Former Trip Leader here! Been to engagement parties and weddings. Best friendships 🤍” – Em  

“Met my now bestie on a Topdeck trip exactly 1 year ago! We have since travelled 4 countries” – Perri  

“Yes! A group of 6 girls (me included) go on a yearly trip in a different state in Aus 💘” – Jenna  

Feelin’ the love and wanna make trip BFFs? Find your new tribe who let you feel real and be your best self by booking that group travel trip for 2024. You won’t regret it! 😍

Social & Content Manager at Topdeck Travel and avid fan previous to that (3 trips and counting!) Lover of travel (obvs), singing and performing, big foodie and spending time in her English country cottage.