Can travel really change your life?

On a mission to answer this question, we asked Topdeckers all over the world to share their favourite travel memories by tagging #MyTravelLoveStory

New friendships, falling in love and solo travel adventures, we heard it all! Read on for real-life proof that your next holiday is worth taking.

1. ‘I found my Canadian soulmate’

📸 @miss.nelliekelly

‘My Canadian soulmate and I met nearly a decade ago on Topdeck’s Summer Fun and Sailing. We bonded in the green grassy fields of Austria and the gothic streets of Prague.

‘A few years later, we met up in Canada before Topdecking the Western Coast of the US and two years ago, we hung out with Harry Potter in London.

‘I’m so excited and honoured to be going back to Canada in June to celebrate her marriage to the love of her life 👰

‘Of all the people on all the Topdeck tours, I’m so glad I got to meet this one!’

2. ‘I met my Topdeck sweetheart’

📸 @jessiicaakaate 

‘I’m so lucky to have found this guy, and that we ended up on the same tour. Full of CRAZY coincidences and everything aligning!

‘We’d both gotten out of 5+ year relationships and decided to travel. We fell in love…’

Jess met Karl on a European Getaway tour and she wrote a post about their whirlwind romance on her blog The Kind Quest: How I Met My Topdeck Sweetheart.

3. ‘I rolled my eyes when…’

📸 @heybails4

‘I 1000% rolled my eyes when our Trip Leader @judesontour told everyone on the coach “there’s at least one couple that meets on every trip”.

‘But now I get to wish a happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite adventure buddy (and can say, thank you, @topdecktravel!)’

4. ‘One of our favourite places in the world’

📸 @matman91

‘Happy Valentine’s Day to my fellow adventurer from one of my favourite places in the world ❤’

5. ‘I found the Yoshi to my Mario’

📸 @travelswithmichelle

‘Happy Valentine’s Day to my partner in crime, the Yoshi to my Mario, the fire to my ice and my favourite travel buddy.

‘I am so glad I met you on our @topdecktravel tour nearly two years ago, me at the beginning of my four month backpacking adventure, and you at the end of yours.

‘I’m so grateful you asked me to visit you in Canberra and I am happy you let me stay. You will forever be my favourite adventure. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us.’

6. ‘We found our girl gang on the Mega European’

📸 @sarah_blackley

‘The beginning of our friendship was really cemented that night when we walked through some of the most dodgy streets in Athens…

‘But it sure turned out alright!’

7. ‘I was incredibly nervous about travelling solo…’

📸 @sazgreen_

‘The main highlight of my trip (Summer Fun and Sailing in 2017) was finding my boyfriend. Sailing the boats in Greece, seeing snow for the first time in Switzerland, walking the ancient city walls in Dubrovnik then kayaking at sunset, gondola rides in Venice, to drinking steins of beer and eating pretzels in Germany.

‘It was all amazing, and to able share the experience with like-minded people made it that little bit more incredible.’

‘I have had multiple reunions since my tour. My favourite one was obviously with my partner – finally seeing him in person after a long four months of phone calls was the most amazing feeling in the world for me.’

After just over a year of being together, Sarah and Mat are now moving to New Zealand to live together 💖

8. ‘I can’t believe I booked this trip a month before going overseas’

📸 @carlatindale

‘The first person I met on tour was Ben.

‘We started to get really close on the tour. I was on for the whole 49 days. Ben was only on for two weeks as he was getting off in Rome.

‘When the two weeks were nearly up, Ben spoke to our Trip Leader and asked if he could extend his trip. Turns out there was a spot so he did!’

After falling in love on their whirlwind Mega European trip, Ben moved from New Zealand to Australia to be with Carla in Melbourne, where they now live together. Next on the agenda? More travelling!

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