Dreaming about heading off on your next solo adventure?

Read on for 7 inspiring stories written by solo travellers who’ll give you 7 reasons to take that leap of faith. Travel inspiration, comin’ right up!

1. Living adventurously 

‘Ever since being asked about my future as a child, I always had the same answer. No dreams of being a ballerina, a veterinarian, or an astronaut: I wanted to be happy and well-travelled.

‘My curiosity about the world led me to go backpacking around Europe after graduating from Florida State University. I well and truly caught the travel bug in Europe and once I was back home, I began working three jobs to fund my future travels.

‘In 2011, I booked a one-way flight to Bangkok, without as much as a hotel reservation on the other side. Note: I’d never even visited Asia before.

‘Fast forward a few years, I’ve now lived and worked on five continents, travelled to over 40 countries and work remotely as the founder of Where in the World is Nina.

‘The best part of my travels? I LIVE abroad and my day-to-day job is getting to inspire others to live more adventurously by taking the leap and working abroad.’

Top tip for solo travellers: ‘Enjoy the time you get to spend with yourself, without another soul that knows your name for hundreds of miles. It’s incredible getting to know yourself while abroad. As cheesy as it sounds, you’ll understand once you just go!’

2. Finding your passion 🤞

‘My first ever solo trip was an incredible 36 day Topdeck trip to Europe in 2008. That trip changed my life.

‘I learned so much about myself and it made me realise just how much I love to travel. Really, it’s what sparked my love for travel and led me to start Little Grey Box (and living a life I love).

‘On the first day of that tour, I became friends with a girl who I’ve been best friends with now ever since! She was even a bridesmaid at my wedding and is someone I love very much.

‘8 years down the line and I found myself joining my second amazing journey with Topdeck on the 16 day Road To Phnom Penh trip in Asia.

Phoebe Lee Little Grey Box Asia

‘I took this trip solo without my husband Matt. It reminded me just how important solo travel is, whether you’re in a relationship or not.

‘Solo travel gives you so much perspective and reminds you of all the things you’re most thankful for, the things you really don’t need to lose time worrying about and just how strong you are!’

Next travel destination: Matt and I are going up to beautiful Yeppoon along the Queensland coastline very soon. It’s so gorgeous up there: the beaches are picture-perfect, the food is incredible, the weather is warm and wonderful and the locals are so amazing too.’

3. Positive thoughts = life-affirming travel 

‘I’m currently living in Bali but that is certainly subject to change! This year alone, I’ve been fortunate enough to call Hawaii, Croatia, Montenegro, Northern Italy, the Czech Republic, India and California home.

‘My parents first inspired me to quit my job and go travelling. When I graduated college, I saved up $6,000 at a hellish sales job, quit after 3 months and booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand.

‘This started a life-changing, year-and-a-half long journey through some of my favourite spots on Earth.

‘None of it would have been possible without the love and support of Mom and Dad.’

Patrick McConnell travel

Top tip for solo travellers: Be confident in your journey! There may be times when you feel lonely but if you’re truly embracing your inquisitive self, the world will recognize your positivity and will respond with unpredictable hospitality.’

4. Finding the ultimate freedom 

‘I fell in love with travel for many reasons. One being the simplicity of it. People always ask me how I do it. It’s so easy to book yourself on a tour and just go, especially if you’re a solo traveller.

‘Suddenly all your problems seem to just melt away because here you are in this new place feeling so present, alive and free.

‘I have made so many friends on my solo travels. It is so amazing to be connected with people who share the same passions as you.

‘I met one of my closest friends on a solo trip and we have now travelled together three times since.

‘Even though we live pretty far apart, whenever we see each other we pick up right where we left off. Our last trip was spent hiking the French, Italian and Swiss Alps.’

Most recent trip: ‘I went on the Moroccan Explorer trip in January this year. Morocco was always on my list for its beautiful architecture and culture.’

5. Making the most of every day

‘Before becoming a Trip Leader, my solo travels were in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

‘Tourism is the perfect industry for me because my passion is building unforgettable memories and inspiring people to open their minds about learning and experiencing different cultures.

‘While I was living and working in North Chile in tourism, I met Natalie, an Aussie girl, and eventually followed her to Australia (after we talked every day for eight months).

‘At that time, all I knew about Australia was kangaroos, koalas and Crocodile Dundee… That was eight and a half years ago.

‘We have now travelled around so much of Australia together and I was inspired by Natalie’s love and passion for her country.

‘A chance meeting can change your life!’

Top tip for solo travellers: Encourage yourself to meet new people. Each day is a new beginning.’

6. Stepping outside the comfort zone

‘I had always wanted to explore the other side of the world and experience living in a new city.

‘So after YEARS of talking about it I finally just took the leap and booked my flight to London. Soon after, I landed my dream job as a Senior Graphic Designer with Topdeck. 

‘Now I’m living in London, I’ve been making the most of being so close to the rest of Europe. My favourite solo travel memory is walking around Stockholm city when it was softly snowing. It was so magical I felt like I was in a snow globe!

‘I also joined Topdeck’s Winter Expedition trip last year and loved exploring the city of Český Krumlov with a new group of people breathtaking views everywhere you looked!’

Fave city you’ve visited: Florence, Italy. The highlight was a beautiful winery tour around three Tuscan vineyards.’

7. Making unforgettable memories 

‘Once you have the travel bug, it’s hard to shake. Travelling opened my eyes to so many new experiences and ideas. It gave me a space to discover who I was and what’s important to me.

‘It’s also all about the connections that you make with people. Those late night hostel conversations and spontaneous excursions with people you hardly know are genuinely some of the best memories that I’ll never forget.

‘I found out about Topdeck in 2015 during my first experience travelling solo overseas. I went on university exchange to Edinburgh and joined a Topdeck European Adventure camping trip during my uni break.

‘It was the best experience! At the time I never thought I could become a Trip Leader but a couple of years down the track it was the right time. I’m so glad I took the chance to apply for my dream job.

Why did you apply to be a Trip Leader? I wanted more life experience and room to grow as a person. I wanted to be able to better handle the pressure of different situations.

We hope these incredible travellers reminded you that there’s a whole wide world of new adventures and like-minded travellers out there, so what are you waiting for? 🤗 

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