This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating L.O.V.E. in true Topdeck style with 6 real-life love stories from travellers.

From meeting by chance on the trip of a lifetime to proposals in a blizzard, elopements and honeymoons, get ready for some incredible love stories. #MyTravelLoveStory

1. They call Paris the City of Love for good reason

‘We began as friends before officially starting to date on 8 April 2009. We did long distance for 18 months until Ben moved to Perth.

‘We’ve now been together for ten years and had talked about getting married for a while (which wasn’t legal in Australia until last year).

‘We do have more travel plans coming up but I didn’t think we should wait any longer.

‘We picked Topdeck’s Winter Expedition trip because it has a fantastic itinerary. Our highlights included snowboarding in the Austrian Alps, tobogganing with the group in Switzerland and exploring all the treasures of Rome.

‘Ben absolutely loves Paris so I thought the Eiffel Tower would make the perfect spot to propose. I decided on the base of the Eiffel Tower during our bike tour and our tour group got to share the special moment with us.

‘Ben did say “no” about three times when I proposed because he couldn’t actually believe it was happening! Then he decided he had better say “yes”!’

2. Ancient rock temple + two explorers = dream proposal story 

‘After graduating from the same high school (as friends), we got together as a couple three years ago.

‘I’m now working as a travel agent and Hayden’s an apprentice mechanic.

‘We’ve been lucky enough to visit Bali, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands together before our Nile Discovery trip with Topdeck.

📸 @hayden_246 @little_lillis

‘On the day of the proposal, Hayden and I were completely mesmerised and were enjoying the day at Abu Simbel. After we went through Ramses II Temple, Hayden did the typical “let’s get a photo together” before getting down on one knee.

‘Our amazing Tour Leader Mina caught the whole thing on video. Something we will cherish forever!’

3. A chance meeting really can change your life

‘We both arrived a few days early for our Discover Europe trip. Using the Topdeck app, we connected in the group chat and met up before the trip started at a pub in London.

‘We began the trip as friends and ended up falling in love while travelling Europe together!

‘I booked the trip as a last hurrah before buckling down and going back to graduate school. Dennis hadn’t had a holiday in a while and really enjoyed his last Topdeck trip in 2012 (a couple that met on that trip also got married!).

📸 @stephlenn @dennytav

‘When we first got to the US after our trip ended, I introduced Dennis to my family and he became so close with my dad. We ended up moving 20 minutes up the road from my parents!

‘Dennis and I eloped here in the States, after getting my Dad’s permission of course, with just my best friend as our witness.

‘Plans for a joint family celebration/reception in Hawaii (exactly half way between Sydney and NY) are in the works!’

4. Two Aussies who discovered a winter wonderland ❄️

‘We booked Topdeck’s Winter Spirit tour for our first overseas trip together.

‘I know it sounds obvious but our favourite trip memory is Switzerland.

‘Not only because of the engagement but also because it was Matt’s first time seeing snow. So, for him, this was such an exciting time. Honestly like a kid at Christmas!

📸 @ebonyzahra @mattyhayes7

‘We caught the train up to Jungfrau (the highest train station in Europe) and our group all went straight to the viewing point where there was a -12° blizzard outside.

‘Once I realised how brutal the weather was, I decided I was going back inside. But one of our friends pretty much forced me up the hill to “get a photo”!

‘I could barely see or hear what Matt was saying… but I realised what was happening when he was down on one knee, holding a gorgeous ring out in front of me!

‘We definitely have the travel bug after our trip and want to travel to America and Canada next. Maybe for our honeymoon.’

5. When in Monaco… put a ring on it 💍

‘We were in Monaco with a few other couples from our group who were planning on going out to dinner. But we decided to walk up to a lookout near Monte Carlo casino.

‘I wasn’t suspicious as we normally go on hikes. But I was wearing heels and ended up changing into different shoes so we could get to the very top of the hill!

‘Luke said he would get a candid photo of me. So he told me to turn around and look at the view. After he ‘took the perfect shot’, I turned around and found Luke on one knee, with a ring in his hand.

‘I was so shocked at first that Luke had to ask a second time if I would marry him!

‘For the rest of the tour, we didn’t tell the group as we had decided to wait until we returned home to tell our friends and family.

‘Throughout the trip, people were asking if we were going to get married soon and we had to pretend like we hadn’t really thought about it!

‘We’re getting married in Terrigal, Australia, in October this year.’

6. Finding love while on holiday = goals 😍

‘Before we met in Europe, I lived in Melbourne and Garreth lived in Brisbane, Australia. We’re now engaged and living in Brisbane with our six-month-old son.

‘Our favourite travel memory is the trip that we met on, the European Pathway Topdeck tour. We could never top that.

‘I wanted to travel Europe on my own but one of my closest friends encouraged me to go on a Topdeck. Garreth went on the same trip with a friend.

📸 @samanthakenyon @garrethhurley

‘Garreth was my knight in shining armour when my bag was stolen in Barcelona (passport and all). He chased the man who stole it and got everything back for me ❤️

‘Our honeymoon will be our next holiday. We’re not sure where it will be yet.

‘Maybe back to where it all began?’

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