Come and see Europe through the eyes of a free spirited traveller.

Meet Bec, who quit the corporate life last year to live out her travel dreams in Europe. #MyTravelLoveStory

I’ve always been a dreamer

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an endless imagination. But in my early 20s, I realised that it’s really easy to lose sight of those dreams when the reality of adulthood starts to kick in.

After flying the nest at 18, I was technically an adult and determined that I could manage this thing called life all on my own (even if that meant eating noodles in a cup four days a week for dinner.)

The pressure on young people is tough

At the time, I felt an expectation to study, pick the right career path and go above and beyond to succeed in my job. I soon realised that everything came with a price tag and if I wanted to earn a half decent income, just ‘winging it’ wasn’t going to cut it.

As well as wanting to progress in a rewarding career, the dreams of my 20s also involved travel and self-discovery.

Europe was calling

This is why I bit the bullet, applied for leave from my job of two years and booked my first overseas adventure at 24 years old.

A close friend of mine and I spent two weeks in Europe. At that point in our lives, it was the best thing we’d ever done!

One of the highlights of that trip was discovering Prague. Neither of us knew what to expect in this city but soon realised it was like stepping onto the set of a Disney film. Walking through the cobblestone streets and admiring the colourful buildings was magical.

When I came home, my outlook on life had changed

After I returned home to my job in Sydney, all I ever dreamed about was Europe. My two-week journey began to feel like a distant memory…

I was doing well in my job, I had a wonderful mentor and for all intents and purposes I had a great life.

But I wasn’t happy.

I felt like a big part of me was missing. Maybe it was a sense of adventure. Maybe it was living life by the carpe diem motto instead of the constant rinse and repeat cycle of meetings, budgets, bills and rent.

Good things don’t always come to those who wait

I felt like life had become mundane. I was hoping for a change but wasn’t willing to take any risks. I was just waiting for something to happen. But, good things don’t always come to those who wait.

Listen, if you want things to change in your life, you need to make the first move.

That’s when I decided to quit my job and head back overseas

Around a year ago I was faced with the biggest decision of my adult life: do I stay at my workplace that I have given eight years of my life to, or do I say bon voyage and hit the road?

This wasn’t an easy decision. My workplace was my second home and my team were family to me: supportive, kind, loving and encouraging.

But, I walked out of that place filled with so much gratitude because without that chapter, I wouldn’t have been ready for the next.

Planning for my first solo trip abroad began

I spent days researching and deciding what would be the safest and most cost-effective way to see as much as I possibly could in a short-ish period of time.

This was my first solo trip abroad and even at 30 years old, it’s safe to say I was nervous!

And even with all of the incredible destinations I had jotted down on my bucket list, I still felt as though the social aspect was missing from my itinerary because I wasn’t going to be travelling with friends.

I chatted with some well-travelled friends. They all asked me the same thing: ‘Have you thought about travelling with Topdeck?’

I spent an entire afternoon on the Topdeck website looking at all of the possible exciting adventures I could have. Eventually, I decided on the European Pioneer and Espresso Italia trips.

Once these were booked in there was no going back… It was happening! I was going to travel to Paris, Switzerland, Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Prague, Berlin, Florence and so much more.

The only worry I felt (throughout the entire trip) was at the departure lounge at Sydney’s International Airport.

Once I boarded the plane and was in the air, all of my nerves were replaced with excitement and that zest for life I had been waiting so long to feel!

Never in a million years did I think I would find the courage to go on a solo holiday. But I did it! My 24-year-old’s dreams were going to become my reality at 30.

I went on my holiday in July last year and it was the best thing I have ever done.

I don’t regret my decision to leave work, not even for a single second

I even conquered my biggest fear and went zip lining in Switzerland! I also made so many wonderful lifelong friendships and incredible memories with fellow Topdeckers. 

We became a family.

Sometimes in life you have to take a chance on yourself. You’ll be surprised just how far a dream and a little bit of determination can take you.

Since coming home to Sydney, Bec has been working as an Office Manager for a software development company. By blogging and writing on all things travel and lifestyle in her spare time, Bec’s passions remain a central part of her life. Go get ’em girl!

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Rebecca Lee
Sydney-based blogger who is obsessed with travel and living life to the fullest, Rebecca swapped her corporate job for an overseas adventure. She’s written for publications such as Thought Catalog and Mamamia and has a passion for keeping her audience excited and engaged by sharing stories that highlight the beauty in the world around them.