Drag queens, dancing, day-drinking and all that glitter – whether you’re a rainbow parade virgin or a seasoned Pride-goer, attending a Pride event is a fabulous experience. But with all the partying and events going on it can sometimes be a little overwhelming! So we’ve compiled an ultimate survival guide to help you make the most out of your Pride celebrations. Yes, darling!

#1 Fly the rainbow flag

Wave it, wear it or cover yourself in it – whatever Pride event you’re heading to, rainbow swag is a necessity. Not only is the rainbow a nod of inclusion and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community but they just make everything so darn cheerful! Can’t argue with that.

#2 Book now

Madrid, New York, Sydney, Tel Aviv…the choices on where to spend Pride are endless – so the last thing you need when you’ve finally decide on a destination is to miss out on accommodation or transport. Avoid disappointment and book things like flights, accommodation and train tickets as far in advance as possible – for some of the bigger events like NYC or Sydney this could be up to between 8-6 months prior to the event (especially for cheap deals). Also: location, location, location! Make sure you do your research before booking cos being in the wrong part of town can have a huge impact on your Pride experience.

#3 Educate yourself

Yes, Pride one big fabulous party but it’s also important to know why we Pride. Take some time to educate yourself on the people who paved the road for tolerance of the LGBTQ+ community, current campaigns that may be going on and ensuring you’re celebrating in a loving and respectful manner.  

#4 Be conscious of pickpockets

Pride attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year but like most crowded events, it also attracts pickpockets and baddies (sad face). When planning your Pride celebration try to only pack the essentials – leave your expensive cameras at home, bring cash and swap your flashy sunglasses for a cheaper pair. We suggest investing in a bum bag (fanny pack if you’re from the US-of-A) because not only are they totally #ontrend but they’re also a safer option for your valuables than a backpack.

#5 What to wear? Anything you want!

The best thing about Pride is that absolutely anything goes – from bejazzled drag queens, athletic-enthusiasts rocking bright hot pants to the ones covered head-to-foot in body glitter, Pride doesn’t judge. So whatever you love to wear is what you should wear. Period. However we do suggest swapping those 10-inch stilettos for a more sensible footwear option. You’re going to be standing, walking and dancing A LOT – so sneakers or flat shoes are definitely the better choice.

#6 Prepare for the sun!

While you’re out in the sun celebrating the skin that you’re in, make sure you protect it with plenty of sunscreen – charred lobster red isn’t a cute shade on anyone! Bring sunglasses, a hat and most importantly, pack a water bottle! Dehydration is not your friend (not to mention staying hydrated will help with tomorrow’s hangover).

#7 Do your homework and plan ahead

Before you don your rainbow flags and sequins make sure you have a game plan. Head online and check out your city’s parade route, start time and how to get there. *Hot Tip Alert* avoid the parade starting point in order to snag a better view of the parade and multi-coloured floats. It also pays to see if your city offers passes for multiple events as well as looking into purchasing tickets to that party you’re eyeing off – it’s sometimes cheaper and prevents you missing out!

#8 Can I go alone? Absolutely!

Seriously: if Pride had a middle name it would be inclusive (closely followed by acceptance but who wants two middle names, amiright?). Want to see the parade but have no one to meet you? Go anyway! Want to dance the night away at an event but no one else is keen? Go for it! Despite your possible anxiety, no one is going to think you’re weird for attending Pride events alone – in fact, it’s a great way to meet new people! Pride is a celebration of who you are – alone or in a group – just be safe, have an open mind and enjoy the ride!

Above all, keep smiling and have fun! Happy Pride!

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Erin Bunn
Erin is a confessed travel addict, ravenous reader and utter coffee snob. A digital nomad based in Bali, Erin is passionate about sharing travel stories from all over the world.