Travelling overseas for the first time can be daunting, exciting, eye opening, inspirational and more.

Read on to find out what to expect from your first trip overseas.

1. You will become addicted.

Talk to anyone that has travelled abroad and we can almost guarantee they will be bone-fide travel addicts.

Once you’re back from that first trip overseas, you’ll be mentally planning and saving for that next adventure before you’ve even returned to home soil.

2. You will discover new experiences.

Different countries offer experiences that you won’t find at home. You’ll step outside your comfort zone, experience unbelievable cultures, tastes, smells and more. You might even find yourself living by the words YOLO…

3. You will become insightful.

This one might seem obvious, but one of the most important outcomes of a trip overseas. Not only will you become worldlier and more enlightened, but what you will really discover is a really deep and more educated insight into the happenings of the world.

4. You will become independent.

Your family will fo’ sure be worried about going on your own, but rest assured, this is an essential park of your first steps into the world of adulthood and flying solo. Think of all the people you’ll meet and the incredible stories you can share.

5. You will become confident.

Nothing will seem as daunting to you anymore. After battling border control at the immigration desk of non-English speaking airports, or navigating your way around the back streets of Krakow or the souks in Morocco, there’s be nothing you can’t do. Basically, you become invincible.

6. You will become courageous.

After returning from your big adventure, you’ll move through life with a new found courage to take on the world along with other things you may have been afraid of doing. By default, you will become instantly more courageous with day-to-day activities.

7. You will become adaptive.

Sometime your travel plans don’t work out the way the itinerary says. You’ll learn to assess, troubleshoot and find alternatives that’ll make you a soon-to-be life expert. Nothing will be able to be able to stop you!

8. You will gain a broader social network.

Meeting people is the essential (and the best!) part of travelling. No matter where you go, you’ll encounter people that will forever be a part of your adventure.

Be sure to swap contact details because you’ll never know when you may venture across the world and need some advice, or a couch to crash on.

9. You will accrue a debt…

Let’s not dwell too much on this one. But then again, you make money to spend it right? Pay it off, save up, and then go again!

10. You will grow as a person.

Sometimes it takes some time away to see what you actually want most in life. Taking a step back will help you find what drives you, and ultimately what you want in life.

11. You may will fall in love.

Who hasn’t found someone they’ve connected with when travelling? And we’re not just talking about lurrrveee in the traditional sense.

We’re talking about falling in love with food, falling in love with new cities and of course, destinations that simply take your breath away. On the other hand, you might just stumble across your future soul mate.

No matter how long you travel for, you will definitely experience one, two or maybe even all of the above. It’s all part of the adventure!

Travelling isn’t just ticking off as many countries on your “to visit list”, it’s about what you actually take away from travelling and the deeper meaning!

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James Gottschalk
James “Jimmy” Gottschalk is an ex-full-time Topdecker, self-proclaimed AFL pro and total travel enthusiast. While gallivanting the world, Jimmy is working on his social media celebrity status and mastering the art of living.

You can follow his adventures on Instagram @plenty_of_chalk