You’ve seen the pictures. You know what Thailand is all about, and you know that this is the start of an epic adventure. But what you really need is a list of what to pack for Thailand before you go.

Home to world class beaches, some of the best snorkelling spots in the world and a crazy capital city – you’re about to launch into an epic adventure, and we’ve got all this packing business all sorted for you.

What to pack for Thailand

Insect repellent.
Thailand is a country full of ‘pros’ however with each pro comes a ‘con’ – one of them being the amount of mosquitos buzzing around. Fact: mosquitos love tourists and won’t leave you alone unless you have the right gear to keep them away.

If you only read one tip today, make sure you pack plenty of insect repellent so you can travel in peace. Or, if you forget – make sure to stock up while on the road in Thailand. Plus, it’s cheap.

What to pack for Thailand

Comfortable, light trousers.
A large portion of the population in Thailand are Buddhists, meaning the country is covered in beautiful temples calling to be explored. To ensure you can indulge in this temple craving, you need to have a pair of trousers that cover your knees as well as a scarf to cover your shoulders.

Ladies, a mid-length skirt (plus scarf) will do but the same rule applies so make sure your knees are covered otherwise you won’t be allowed in the temples.

Keep it light and comfortable to combat the heat and travel in style.

What to pack for Thailand

A camera.
In one word: Thai-WOW. Thailand is truly stunning, and if you’ve never been to Asia you’re in for a visual overload of colours and more, so you’ll no doubt want to capture it all.

Whether it’s DSLR or a good old-fashioned point and shot, make sure you’re ready to go with a camera on hand.

What to pack for Thailand

A handheld fan.
Spoiler alert: Thailand is hot, humid and most of all, sweaty. And the good news? You WILL become acclimatised to the humidity but in the meantime, a handheld fan will become your new best friend. Admittedly, most of us don’t own a personal fan to use in our day-to-day lives, so you can find one at most local stalls in each city.

Trust us, no one is going to judge you for walking around with a cheeky handheld fan.

What to pack for Thailand

A backpack.
Thailand is MASSIVE, and you will want to see as much of it as possible. A suitcase says “I’m not moving”, where a big backpack says “I’m going to see it all!”.

Not only is a backpack more comfortable and practical, you’ll thank us for saving you the hassle of dragging it across the sandy beaches.

What to pack for Thailand

A comfortable pair of trainers.
Last but not least, a comfortable pair of trainers are a MUST! Flip-flops or (thongs) will not suffice.

No doubt you will be climbing waterfalls, walking, hiking, biking and white water rafting and for all of the above, only a good old-fashioned pair of trainers will do.

Topdeck Travel Asia Thailand

Get excited for Thailand guys, because it is seriously one of the most beautiful, diverse countries on the planet.

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