Vietnam – the gem of Southeast Asia. With millions of motorbikes buzzing around, un-pho-gettable beaches and a  street food culture to rival major capital cities, a trip to this crazy place is guaranteed to leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Let’s talk about 23 pho-real reasons to visit Vietnam. Oh, and that infamous noodle soup…

reasons to visit Vietnam

1. You will learn to cross roads like a total pro.

In one word = CHAOS! Just imagine, the unbelievable, death-defying and how-the-hell-is-that-even-legal type of chaos. Experience it for yourself and you will soon learn to walk like no-one else exists and the traffic magically works around you.

reasons to visit Vietnam

2. You can get lost in Ho Chi Minh City’s historic (and tangled) streets.

In Ho Chi Minh City, look up and marvel at the seriously wild street wires. Somehow, it just works. 

reasons to visit Vietnam

3. You’ll realise you haven’t actually lived until you try Cao lầu noodles. 

*Cue heavy breathing* No, these are not your regular run-of-the-mill noodles. This regional dish is a secret held within a single family located in Hoi An. Legend has it that the unique flavour is attributed to water from a secret well. Secret recipe or not, these noodles are the shizz.

reasons to visit Vietnam

4. Or Banh mi.

Wrap your hands around one of these epic rolls, then thank us later.

5. Or Lemongrass tofu.

No questions about it. Lemongrass tofu is IT!

reasons to visit Vietnam

6. Or phở.


reasons to visit Vietnam

7. Or the classic Vietnamese spring roll.

You know what to do…

reasons to visit Vietnam

8. Your Instagram-game will increase 110% once you snap the limestone karts of Halong Bay.

You👏 Will 👏 Fall 👏In👏 LOVE with this place. This is Vietnamese paradise that you can’t argue with.

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9. You will learn that getting lost is the best way to discover hidden gems.

You’re on holiday, so enjoy getting lost in the middle of nowhere then bragging about your finds later. Naturally.

10. Your taste buds will learn that local brew is the only brew.

Local beer for 1 millionth the price back home? Sign us up!

11. Your jaw will DROP at the beauty of Sapa.

Green, green and more luscious green as far as the eye can see.

reasons to visit Vietnam

12. Your will learn that a travel budget is non-existent as everything is So. Damn. Cheap.

Not only will your wallet thank you, but your future self will love you.

In Vietnam, you can live like a high-roller and still have money for a taxi to the airport en route home.

13. Your bartering skills will go from zero to amazing within seconds.

FYI: You will get carried away buying handmade goods, local crafts and everything else that is just too good to leave.

reasons to visit Vietnam

14. You will learn that Hoi An = AMAZE.

This cultural melting pot is a must for all #topdeckers heading to Vietnam. Take time to stroll over the Japanese Covered Bridge or visit the Cam Nam Village – just a short boat, skip and a jump away.

reasons to visit Vietnam

15. Your eyes will be opened to an eccentric (and incredible) culture.

With a thriving street food scene, culture to boot, you won’t want to miss the Viet-vibes.

reasons to visit Vietnam

16. You will discover that Nha Tran is home to 50 shades of blue.

Kick up your feet, take a break and relax.

reasons to visit Vietnam

17. You will learn that touristy t-shirts are essential.

Because if you didn’t buy a daggy tourist t-shirt, did you even go overseas?

18. You MUST avoid dried squid at all costs.

Umm, we’re all about the ‘local’ cuisines, but treat this one with caution.

19. You can unleash your inner chef with a cooking class in Hoi An.

Food. Food. And more food is what Hoi An is all about.

20. Vietnamese coffee will shock your system.

Forget your local café back home. Unless they’re serving Vietnamese coffee (strong, flavourful and full of condensed milk) forget about it. This is the future of coffee.

reasons to visit Vietnam

21. You can fulfil your dreams of becoming a millionaire. 

Pho-real. Read: $58 AUD = 1,000,000 VND! Grab your Vietnamese dong and go, NOW!

reasons to visit Vietnam

22. You will learn that Vietnam is home to the friendliest people in the world.

Amazing. Welcoming. Humble and more.

23. Did we mention the food is to die for?

Just incase you weren’t paying attention to the above.

reasons to visit Vietnam

reasons to visit Vietnam

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