One of the best things about staying in hostels while you travel is that it gives you the opportunity to meet a range of people from all over the world. But, no matter which corner of the globe you find yourself in or which hostel you’re staying at, you always seem to run into the same ten types of people.

Come and take a look at our ultimate list of the ten people you always meet in hostels.

1. The person who knows someone you know

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Even though you’re on the other side of the world, you discover that this person is linked to you in some way.

You may have a mutual friend or come from the same small town but have somehow only managed to cross paths now. Spooky!

2. The old-timer

Aka the person who seems like they’ve been travelling forever. Aka the person you think should probably have children by now or be staying in a fancy hotel.

Either way, because they’ve travelled so much, they usually have some pretty awesome stories and sweet life advice. So, listen up.

3. The good ol’ solo traveller

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The solo traveller is super friendly and upbeat. They love to have a chat, swap travel stories and are always keen to do a last-minute tour with you.

Their flexibility and openness are what makes them a great hostel buddy, and there’s always one in your dorm no matter where you are in the world.

4. The most annoying person in the world

This traveller comes in all shapes and with any number of terrible habits. They’re the ones that come home at 4am and wake everybody up. They’re the ones that snore so loudly that you can’t get to sleep.

No matter which annoying travel habit they have, you’re bound to meet a variation of this person wherever you go.

5. The hostel expert

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The hostel expert has been staying in the hostel since the dawn of time and are super vague when you ask them exactly how long they’ve been there for.

The upside for you is that they know exactly what time you can get the hottest shower and have lots of tips to help you get the most out of your stay there. Cheers!

6. The annoyingly in love couple

The couple you wish opted for a double room instead of staying in a dorm with you so that you didn’t have to hear about how in love they are 24/7.

Fair play though because travelling as a couple takes guts.

7. The life of the party

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This person always knows every event that the hostel is hosting and the best party spots to hit up at night because they’ve ‘been there and done that’ already.

They’re the best people to hit up if you’re travelling solo and want a night out or a chance to socialise.

8. The wannabe tour guide

This is the person who always carries a guidebook with them and is usually on the more-experienced side of travel.

They’re super handy to hit up for travel advice, and turn out to be your own personal travel guide. Sweet!

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9. The introvert

You usually find yourself questioning why this traveller has opted to stay in a hostel when they’re clearly not interested in talking to anyone they’re sharing a room with.

They may be shy or just a plain old snob, but there’s always one who keeps themselves to themselves.

10. The phantom traveller

This traveller gets up before you and comes back to the hostel after you’re already asleep. So, you’re not sure who they are, where they’re from or what they look like.

They have a suitcase and their bed is messy, so you know someone’s staying in your room. But that’s all you know about them… 👻

Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments below.

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Cassandra Grapsas
Cassandra is a dream chaser and dog enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not working as a marketing coordinator, she likes making plans to travel the world.