Ever been told that ‘travelling together will make or break you?’ I thought that whole idea was cliché and so not true. But those anonymous quote geniuses were on to something when they came up with that one. Come have a read of some ways to help you survive travelling as a couple, courtesy of a girl who’s been through it all!

1. Talk it out

travelling as a couple kern and lauren stamping the passport

Communication is hands down one of the most important traits in any relationship and if you don’t like talking, then maybe rethink this whole full-time living in each other’s pockets idea.

We talk about everything. You have to really. Most of the time it’s you two against the world, so who else will listen to you complain/whine/admit you’re wrong?

Be open, be transparent and be ready. It can be hard, but it’s oh so worth it.

2. Give each other space

Everyone is entitled to their own time and their own space. And you should’t give this me-time up just because you’re travelling as a couple.

Join a meet-up in a new place, play a sport, go listen to a concert, practice yoga or go for a run. Everyone has their own passions and goals, so use these as a way of having some time to yourself in the craziness of it all. #metime

3. Be a good bra

Support is everything. There are going to be moments that change your life, moments that challenge you on all levels and moments that are awful.

But, having another person who you’re so close makes it a whole lot easier to overcome these challenges. Ride that emotional rollercoaster together y’all.

4. Work to your strengths

travelling as a couple kieran and lauren stamping the passport

Kieran (my other half) is super organised. I mean, really organised. So, we work with that. He’s in charge of our budgets.

I love planning our trips. So, I do the itinerary, the research and the bookings. I’m a little less thrifty in the money department so having him cost everything makes my life easier and I am left to do the fun part.

In short, we collaborate on everything. So, know your partner, know their strengths, and use these to your dual advantage. #winning

5. Embrace your shared passions

Food is life. Actually though, it is. Food for us is one of the most important parts of our everyday life and our everyday travel life. Having that mutual love and understanding for food means that at every opportunity we’ll find a ‘foodie’ experience that we can both enjoy.

But food isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, find something that you both love. Is it exercise? Death-defying adventure? Photography?

Whatever it is, try and include these throughout your travels as a way of bringing you closer together. Mmm fooooooood.

6. Try not to utter the words: “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Indecisiveness. Yikes. *shivers*

I think it potentially goes down as one of my biggest pet peeves. For the love of travel, someone please make a decision!

When travelling as a couple, you have to compromise and talk. Otherwise it’ll end up being only a trip for one aka a rubbish trip.

We sat down at the end of 2017 and wrote down all the countries we wanted to see. The ones that overlapped, well we made them our first priority for destinations in 2018. After all, you’re likely to have a better experience if you both want to be there

7. Remember that 1 + 1 = 2, not 1

Which leads me to my final point for surviving travelling as a couple. Every decision is done together. Unfortunately, Selfish Sally doesn’t get a look in because being a Dynamic Duo is everything and so much more awesome in the long run.

Travel is meant to be exciting, exhilarating and the best moments of your life all at once. Don’t let that petty argument about directions get in the way.

So, go on, grab your other half and get travelling as a couple. It doesn’t have to be scary – promise!

Ready to book your next adventure together? Come find a trip that suits you.

Lauren Carr
Lauren Carr is half of the Aussie travel blogging duo, Stamping the Passport. She is a passionate teacher, reader and traveller who loves finding adventure on every doorstep. Based in the UK for now, travel is the number one priority. Be sure to follow their adventures.