Thinking of travelling to America but not sure where to visit? Well, look no further my friends.

Check out our list of America’s States that we’ve matched up with your star sign to help you lock in your next holiday destination.

Let’s do this America!

1. Aries ♈ Florida 

florida miami america

I’m reading your sign and one word comes to mind: Miami. You’re athletic, adventurous and bold – you’ll fit right in. Miami folk are fearless go-getters and make the most of every moment. This matches your passionate side that’s not afraid to take risks and be ambitious.

You’re also not afraid to dress to impress, so you’ll enjoy the bikini life and the post-beach drinks at the bar. Oh, and if you have the extra dosh, be sure to check out Key West…

2. Taurus ♉ New Jersey

atlantic city new jersey america

If you’re a Taurus, New Jersey is your homie. Often generous, if you make friends with the locals, you could be in for a treat: they might just take you around all the cool haunts that only the locals know about.

Also, if you find yourself relating to or being attracted to any member of the Jersey Shore cast, buy your ticket and read no further. Thanks us later 😉

3. Gemini ♊ Nevada

las vegas nevada america

Viva Las Vegas! You Geminis are gonna LOVE the real city that never sleeps (move over New York). You’re social and fun – just like the crowds that sprawl Las Vegas all year round.

You’re known to become bored easily. But with your versatility, you’ll feel right at home here because Nevada isn’t only home to Las Vegas, but also some pretty epic National Parks and desert landscapes.

4. Cancer ♋ Washington

seattle washington america

Sweet home Washington. It kinda works right? This state is the perfect location for you guys who are known to have a deep love for home. Here is where your heart is my friend.

The people, the views and the vibes here all give you that homely feeling even while being away from home. Cancerians crave the feeling of being secure, safe, and comfortable; in Washington state you’ll feel all of that and more.

Don’t forget to hit up Seattle to make some awesome memories.

5. Leo ♌ California

hollywood california america

Leo is a fire sign. Hot like beautiful California. There’s so much to see in Cali for you Leo lions.

For you athletic Leos, Venice Beach is just the place for you. Here you can show off your body and/or people-watch on the Venice boardwalk. If you love the spotlight (which we know you do) you’ll be sure to turn heads here.

Leos are also good actors and you’re not afraid of drama. So get yourself down to Hollywood baby! You’re courageous, daring, bold and beautiful. Dress to impress and maybe you’ll be scouted for a an upcoming movie 😎

6. Virgo ♍ New York

It’s no secret that some of the most successful people in the world reside in New York. If you’re an ambitious Virgo, New York City is filled with people like you. People who have high expectations, who are skilled, focussed and who strive to be the best.

People-watching in New York City is just as good as seeing the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park. Get those walking shoes on and get exploring this amazing city.

7. Libra ♎ Tennessee 

nashville tennessee america

Life is all about balance for you Libras out there. In Tennessee, you’ll find a nice even balance of both country life and city life. For a visit to the countryside, there’s the beautiful Knoxville, and for a memorable visit to the city, Memphis is a must.

We also know that music feeds your soul and there’s no doubt that Nashville is home to some of the best country musicians and artists. These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, so put on your cowboy boots and head on over to Tennessee.

8. Pisces ♓ Hawaii 

hawaii america

Pisces is a water sign, so it’s likely that you love the ocean. So what better place to visit than Hawaii, which is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and tropical scenery.

Also, more than 20% of Hawaiian reef fishes can only be found in, yep you guessed it, Hawaii. Snorkels at the ready!

Pisceans are creative, dreamers, selfless, and deeply emotionally devoted people with a bit of an old soul. You’ll feel right at home in Hawaii.

9. Scorpio ♏ Texas 

austin texas

Scorpios like heated debates and big, bold lifestyles, all of which you’re likely to find in Texas.

Plus, with exciting cities like Austin, Houston and Dallas, you won’t be short of things to do. Also, who can resist their accent? 😳

10. Sagittarius ♐ Ohio

Animal lovers rejoice (you’re hooked already just by those first two words aren’t you?) That’s because you have a soft spot for animals. And Ohio has one of the largest zoos in the whole of the USA, the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.

As a Sagittarius, you’re very appreciative and you’ll deffo appreciate all Ohio has to offer with plenty of space to roam free. You have a tendency to always return home – so don’t stay too long here as you might just find yourself wanting to defy the signs.

11. Capricorn ♑ Oregon

oregon america

You Capricorns need a happy home in order to feel complete. You like to plan each stage of your life. You’re a problem-solver and great organiser and you’re a great companion and life-long friend.

Head on down to Oregon and you’ll feel right at home.

Incredible landscape, endless opportunities to explore, oh and we’ve heard Portland’s a pretty good time. See you there?

12. Aquarius ♒ Arizona 

The people of Arizona are known to embrace a bohemian lifestyle, so you’ll fit right in.

Plus, with the incredible nature on offer here like the Grand Canyon and many other famous lakes and National Parks, you’ll get your dose of adventure in no time.

Come and mix with the locals who also enjoy art and are super friendly like yourselves. Excited yet?

Ready to start your American adventure?

Take a look at our trips to America and take your pick 😍

Larissa Mazzone
Larissa is a little dreamer who caught the travel bug young and hasn’t yet found a cure to shake it off. She loves literature, chocolate, and that point between arrival and departure.