When the genius – albeit anonymous – adventurer uttered the words: “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer,” they weren’t talking about money.

As anyone that’s boarded a big jet plane to the trip-of-a-lifetime knows, travel’s real currency is happiness-inducing experiences.

Flashy items may come and go, but travel memories are forever. Here are five reasons that prove travel really is the only thing you can buy that offers lasting happiness.

The anticipation is enough to put a smile on your face

There’s plenty of fun to be had on the adventure itself but the planning – and subsequent holiday excitement – is enough to keep you jubilant for months. Daydreaming, while not altogether productive, is pretty damn exciting.


For the memories

Having a wardrobe full of shoes may give you a certain kind of satisfaction, it’s true. But is it the same feeling you get after you’ve just swum in the brilliantly azure waters of the Adriatic Sea? Or the out-of-this-world feeling of watching the Northern Lights pulse and fade in the chilly night sky of far-north Europe? Memories like that can’t be found in any retail store.


You’ll feel more relaxed

Whether your holiday is the relaxing kind or not, travelling in itself will make you appreciate down-time, whenever you can get it. And when the stressors of daily life slip away, it’s pretty hard to not bliss out, no matter where you are – even if that happens to be on a crowded subway in Tokyo, New York or London.

New York

It makes you feel more connected

It’s an odd juxtaposition; you’re alone, traipsing the world, and yet, you’ve made brand new friends under a wide blue sky, learned how to say hello in languages you’ve never heard of, and found your way through strange cities thanks to the kindness of strangers (never mind the fact that you’ve Skyped your family 20+ times since you left!). Travelling has the ability to make you feel more connected than you ever knew possible.

San Fran (7)

You’ll find out who you really are

Throwing yourself at the mercy of the world, you’ll find out more about yourself than you would if you stayed cosy and comfortable at home. From how you fix problems to how you deal with adversity, or what it is that makes you feel the most confident, stepping outside of your comfort zone is a self-actualisation eye-opener. Chalk it up to the pursuit of happiness.


Desta Cullen
A Sunshine Coast native (via Belize and the US), Desta’s a freelance writer, editor and digital content kid with a serious case of wanderlust. Her work has been published on ABC Radio National, Tourism Queensland’s Hello Sunshine Blog, Peppermint Magazine, and the now defunct Jmag, among others. With a heart full of ambition and a head full of dreams, she recently said goodbye to her full-time gig covering all things health, beauty, culture and food at lifestyle publication, The Urban List, to go hard at the freelance life. Oh, and then there’s the very important business of making her dogs Insta-famous… #itsarufflife.