What are the European cities you need on your 2024 bucket list?  

Hint: the ones you read about in the next two mins… 

Become Budapest’s bestie

FULL of history, warm waters and karaoke VIBES, Budapest is a city that you need to get to in 2024. 

3 things that top the to do list: 

  • 🩳 Get your swimmers on for relaxed feels at Rudas Baths. Top tip: make a reservation for the rooftop pool that offers views of the Elizabeth’s and Liberty bridges.  
  • 🎤 Warm up your vocal cords cos the karaoke bars dotted around the city are Next. LEVEL. Blue Bird Karaoke Rooms take the #1 spot.  
  • 🥘 Try local goulash or spicy paprika at Central Market Hall. This ain’t a request. It’s a must. 

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Topdeck bus in front of Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

Make eyes at Mykonos 

The Ibiza of Greece. It’s giving boujee, main character, boho chic vibes.  

Whilst you’re not gonna have The Hangover vibes on your Topdeck trip (👀), this party island might be the place where they come close. Think: Negrita Bar, 180 Sunset Bar, Scarpa, and for extra freedom and REAL me vibes, Caprice Bar.  

Caprice Bar was created by dreamers Melpo and Nikos. Their no. 1 aim? To have a place where people could be their REAL selves. Yep, it’s alll about feeling free and safe to express exactly who you are. All wrapped up in a typical bohemian atmosphere.  

Feel free in Mykonos on our Delve Deep: Greek Islands trip.  

Group shot of 18-29 year old's smiling and raising their hands in Mykonos bar under neon lights

Play in Porto

You’ve probs never thought ‘Porto, that’s 100% on the bucket list for 2024’. We’re here to say it 100% should be. Why? 3 reasons: Food. Wine. Shopping. In a city that buzzes with excitement. 

Insider tips for your 2024 visit – cos you’re already convinced, obvs: 

  • Get yourself on a port wine tasting experience (included in our itinerary 😉). 
  • Eat the best small hot dog (cachorrinho) in town at Snack-Bar Gazela. It’s got 50+ years’ experience. 
  • Explore the Ribeira district. UNESCO-listed ✅ Labyrinth alleys ✅ Colourful houses ✅ Awesome history ✅ 
  • Visit Sandeman Museum-Cellar, an old basement FULL of painting, photos, ceramics, antique bottles and MORE. It was built in 1797 so you know there’s real history here.  

Sound like your vibe? You could be there in 2024 on our Delve Deep: Spain & Portugal trip.  

Traditional, colourful houses in the Ribeira district of Porto, Portugal

Dive into Dubrovnik


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♬ original sound – Labrinth

This ancient city is overflowing with a laidback vibe (it’s called fjaka in Dalmatian). It’s got cheap pizza places for those midnight schnackks. It’s got bars dotted all over the city. D’vino Wine Bar, La Bodega and Buza Bar are the places you CANNOT miss.  

It’s also the place to go for beaut outdoors. Think: fresh air, greenery, getting those 10k steps in on a calf-burning hike. Just cos you’re on an awesome trip doesn’t mean you let go of all the daily habits.  

Get yourself to the Botanical Gardens for a wander among leafy greens, ancient statues and cobbled pathways.  

OR take the hiking trail to Park Orsula. The old amphitheatre that was built into a hillside. Your breath will be taken away. And not just from the mammoth climb. The views of Old Town are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. Especially when the sun’s going to sleep for another day. Just sayin’.  

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Young woman in a black bikini walking up cliffside steps in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Live your best life in Lisbon

The second time Portugal’s mentioned in this post 👀 

It’s not hard to see why, this place is a B-E-A-U-T. 

4 spots you need to remember for your 2024 visit:  

  • 🍸 Park Rooftop. One of the best rooftops. Awesome sunset views. Relaxed vibes.  
  • 🍷 Pensão Amor. Former brothel. Mood = daring af. Classic vibes.  
  • 🛗 Elevador de Santa Justa. Century-old. Connects to an awesome viewing platform. Beaut vibes. 
  • 🎨 Lx Factory. Independent shopping area. Delish local restaurants. Cool vibes. 

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Young woman in green spotted dress on The Pink Street, Lisbon, Portugal

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