Come have a read of why you should swerve the mainstream and sail Greece’s lesser-known islands on Topdeck’s Greek Island Chaser trip

Travelling in real life is often not like it is in the movies. When you finally arrive at that bucket list spot, you rarely have a cinema-like moment of stillness and awe. There’s generally 5000 other people around you, shoving their selfie stick in your face and blocking your view…

But fear not! Topdeck’s Greek Island Chaser trip takes you to the lesser-known and more traditional Greek islands where you can sip on your espresso freddo, minus the crowds.

Here’s what you can expect on Topdeck’s Greek Island Chaser trip.

1. This trip is all about relaxation

Picture yourself going from reading a book on-deck to bobbing around the big blue on a floaty. Going for a swim before tucking into some of the best homemade food you’ve ever tried courtesy of your Topdeck Crew. And that’s all before you dock at the next island.

This is a proper holiday full of sailing, sun, chilling and daily swim stops. Come on… What’s not to love?

2. The islands you visit aren’t as busy with tourists so food and drinks are much cheaper

Less tourists = more living like a local.

On the Greek Island Chaser trip, you’ll visit islands that go off the typical tourist trail. The result? A more relaxed holiday that’s not spent trying to avoid the crowds.

It also means cheaper food and drink as the locals haven’t marked up the prices so high. Our personal fave foodie goal? Try to eat your way around all the epic gelato shops on each island. They’ve got 45 flavours altogether and it should be absolute #lifegoals to try as many as possible. Gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Sure, why not.

Also, if you wanna get your daily caffeine fix from Greece’s take on an iced coffee, the espresso freddo, every morning, you totally can!

Or, maybe you just want to stuff your face with as many Greek gyros you can handle. Trust us, they’re so much better than any 2am kebab you’ve ever had (especially with that yummy fresh tzatziki 😍).

3. You’ll get to visit the beautiful island of Hydra

Hydra is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see.

And because it’s protected by local laws, there are no motorised vehicles in sight. This means you can wander the cobblestone streets, pretty alleyways and uninhabited areas without having to look twice for scooter-wielding tourists.

Unlike some of the more built up islands, Hydra is a little slice of paradise and has remained relatively untouched by the influx of tourists to Greece.

Top tip: This island is also going to be your top pick for grabbing some great, local souvenirs.

4. Smaller islands mean smaller ports

That means stepping right off the boat and into town to explore. Or the beach to soak up some more Vitamin D. Or the closest seaside bar for an afternoon Aperol. No transfers necessary.

Minimal hassle means you’ve got time to do whatever your heart desires and your Topdeck Rep will be able to show you the way.

5. The trip starts and ends in Athens = ideal

athens greece topdeck topdecker travel

  • Flights are cheaper to Athens compared to Santorini or Mykonos
  • You can grab your Topdeckers once the trip has ended and chill at rooftop bars with views of the Acropolis
  • You can choose to spend extra time before or after your trip doing loads of other cool things in Greece’s capital

Obvious must-sees are the Acropolis and the first Olympic stadium. Our other faves? Check out the city’s amazing street art, eat the best traditional Greek sweets like honey-soaked donuts (loukoumades), try your hand at a Greek cooking class, get lost in the laneways of the Monastiraki flea market… So. Many. Options. 😎

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Taylare Maddern
Taylare works in the Customer Service Team at Topdeck. Originally from Brisbane, you can now find her wandering the streets of south west London looking for the best coffee, beer garden or Made in Chelsea cast member.