It’s been about five months since this little Aussie stood on her quiet street waving goodbye to a massive shipping container (aka my entire home, everything I’ve ever owned) wishing it all the best on its two-month seaside cruise to Athens.

I don’t blame you for asking the question I get asked almost daily: ‘What’s an Aussie doing packing up her whole life to live in Athens?’

Katie Clift Athens moving to Greece

Well folks, it’s been one of the greatest decisions of my life. Having grown personally and professionally in Australia, I’m now living and working as an International PR Consultant, Journalist and Broadcaster in Greece.

Here are my top five reasons why moving to Greece was the best decision ever.

1. A spanakopita is the yummiest food on the planet

spanakopita Greece food moving to Greece

I know it sounds funny to begin this article with little spinach pies, but my goodness are they incredible.

There are bakeries here on every corner and a good spanakopita need not set you back more than about 2.50 Euros. Spinach, feta, pastry – come at me!

2. The language is pretty freaking cool

Athens Greece Acropolis moving to Greece

I have wanted to delve into learning a new language for years. So, moving country and getting fully immersed in one was the perfect opportunity.

Greek isn’t the easiest language to get under your belt. But, it’s such a fun and cultural experience. In most city areas English is well spoken but learning the language gives you an unrivalled richness.

3. The historical architecture is incredible

Athens Greece moving to Greece

Need I say more! Right in the centre of Athens is one of the most breathtaking historical sites in the world. The Acropolis.

Katie Clift Athens Greece moving to Greece

There’s hiking aplenty in nearby mountains too. They’re home to perfect spots for picnics on top of the world. And there’s history, history, history at every turn. Definitely one of the top reasons why moving to Greece has been so awesome.

4. The people are great

Katie Clift Athens Greece moving to Greece

I simply love being in the Greek community.

There is a noun in Greek – philotimo, or filotimo – that translates to “love of honour”. The concept is almost impossible to translate fully in English but it describes a way of life, of doing good and of having respect for others. It’s often hailed as the highest of all Greek virtues.

You simply have to be here among the people to experience it. Truly amazing.

5. The weather isn’t always super hot

Athens Greece Acropolis moving to Greece

Coming from Australia, I’ve never experienced ‘real’ cold. And while Greece may not get as chilly as other parts of Europe, it’s enough for me to have splashed out on a few winter coats and gorgeous giant scarves already. Winter sales anyone?

Katie Clift Greece moving to Greece

Plus, who doesn’t love 30-35 degree days in the summer? There’s also the endless summer nights here which are one of the best parts of the season.

So, there you have it: my top five reasons why moving to Greece was the best decision ever.

Consider adding a visit to Greece to your travel bucket list. You won’t regret it 😉

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Katie Clift
Katie Clift is an international PR consultant, journalist and broadcaster living and working in Athens, Greece.