Greece has got it going onnnn. With crystal-clear waters, incredible food, an unparalleled history and so much more, Greece has cemented its place on the top of bucket lists for good reason. Come check out these 9 photos of Greece that’ll make you want to come visit Greece ASAP.

We’re getting our passports ready too 😉

1. Enter the heavyweight of the Greek islands: Santorini

Santorini photos of greece

2. The views and white buildings here are like nothing else 🤤

Santorini photos of greece

3. Next, we’ve got Athens. There are loads of hidden gems like this to find ✨

Athens photos of greece

4. And the Acropolis is home to some incredible former temples and architecture

Athens Acropolis photos of greece

5. Look at the colours on the island of Paros 😍

Paros photos of greec

6. Its traditional villages are perfect for long walks

Paros photos of greece

7. Then, ladies and gentlemen, here’s Mykonos by day

mykonos photos of greece

8. And Mykonos by night 😳

Mykonos night photos of greece

9. And, finally, when hopping from island to island in Greece looks this good, we won’t blame you if you wanted to stay here forever 😎

photos of greece island hopping

Have our photos of Greece sparked your wanderlust to travel to Greece with us?

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