We all know America can be a little OTT with their celebrations (have you seen the Superbowl?), but nothing screams extra like how they celebrate Halloween. From spectacular haunted houses, to terrifying ghost tours, every corner of America is ready to scream and scare come October 31st.  To help narrow down the options for potential terror, we picked our top five fave Halloween destinations in the USA for you, but BEWARE: ghosts, goblins, and some witchcraft-cocktails that might just get you acting ghoulish are all hiding around the corner… Hold on to your hats, grab a pal and steel your nerves: things are gunna get spoooooky! Wait, what just touched my shoulder…?

Universal Studios in Los Angeles

First up on our list of all things spooky is a trip to Universal Studios, located in the hill of Los Angeles, which every year from September to November transforms itself into a series of terrific haunted houses for you to explore after dark. With plenty of Topdeck trips starting or finishing in this spook-tastic city you’ll have plenty of time to embrace the thrills and spills of the studios while you’re here. Enter if you dare… Keep your wits about you as you stroll round the park too as masked actors dance their way through the avenues of Universal, ready to grab and pounce at all those who pass by. BOO!

Scare factor 6/10

New Orleans

As far as potentially haunted cities goes, the Big Easy is right up at the top, and the city comes into its own at Halloween – it may as well be called the Big Scream-sy (sorry). With a dark history full of voodoo, witches and ghosts it’s not surprising that NOLA is considered to be one of the top Halloween destinations in the world. Take a ghost tour through the French Quarter or give yourself the creeps at one of famed cemeteries. Visit a voodoo shop or better yet, visit the Voodoo Festival and Arts Experience which takes place every October and where music, rides and art converge. FYI Topdeck’s 11 Day BBQ & Blues October departures coincide with Voodoo Festival – just don’t forget to dress up, costumes are all part of the fun and most people go ALL out.

Scare factor 9/10

The Village in NYC

New York is known for its vibrant character and never is that more evident than at the annual New York Village Halloween Parade. Held every year on October 31st, you’ll see a mass of intricately designed puppets and over 50,000 New Yorkers dancing, jumping and bumping through the streets of New York to mark All Hallows Eve. The best part? Topdeck’s 9 Day Southern Charm will arrive in NYC just in time for you to join in on the fun, provided you dress to impress with a Halloween costume that would put the Adams Family to shame! So, grab a mask and get involved after the sun goes down in the city that never sleeps.

Scare factor 3/10

Alcatraz in San Francisco

Okay, so Alcatraz After Dark runs all year, but it does feel especially spooky on Halloween. The famous prison is allegedly home to many ghosts who still roam the island. Visiting at night means fewer visitors and a more intimate, albeit creepy experience. Sounds good? You’ll arrive in San Fran just in time to jump on board this spin-tingling experience on Topdeck’s 14 Day Star Spangled Banner trip. Not enough potential spirits for you? Head to Grant Avenue in China Town where you can get acquainted with another kind of spirit in one of the many bars that dot the street. Or join in on a ghost tour to learn more about the history and mystery of this famed SF neighborhood.

Scare Factor 5/10


Now for the most haunted city in America, one that is certainly not for the faint of heart, we give you Savannah, Georgia. So what makes Savannah so haunted? Her dark and twisted history of course! Savannah is a southern city that has been plagued by war, disease and fires leading many to believe that the poor, not-yet-departed souls of times past still inhabit the area. So how to make the most of the most haunted city on the most haunted day? Why not take a ghost tour and visit some of the major ghostly sites within the city before grabbing a drink in the 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant which is home to at least three different and (allegedly) friendly ghosts. Ghastly tip: look out for pennies left on the tables…

Scare Factor 10/10

Ready to get the fright of your life? With plenty of seriously scream-worthy North America trips departing in October for 2020, you’re sure to find a terrifying trip that suits you. Ghosts, goblins and great times await!

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Kristen Dennison
A native New Yorker who now calls the sunny west coast home, Kristen has turned her hobby of travel into her career as a Product Manager at Topdeck. When she’s not travelling, you can find her exploring the many nooks and crannies of downtown Los Angeles.