Ready to take your travel photos to the next level? Here are 4 tips for taking the best travel photos.

1. Don’t rush the shot

While whisking through your travels, it can be easy to get trigger happy with the camera.

This can achieve some unique shots but more often than not, rushing to take photos often means a blurry mess 🙈

So, stop, take a moment to frame your shot, be mindful when pressing the shutter and get some awesome shots instead.

2. Make the effort to get up for sunrise

At sunrise, you’ll get a new perspective and experience a quieter side to a destination. Because who likes crowds of people photobombing your shot anyway?

Plus, the light at sunrise has a unique golden glow which can’t be beaten. It’s kinda like time stands still just as the sun peeps over the horizon, right? 😍

But, if sunrise is too early for you, heading out at sunset is also a great option ☀

3. Head to those epic vantage points

Whether you’re in a city or in the middle of nature, there are always amazing viewpoints to get stuck into. Head to the rooftop bars, observatories and the summit of hikes for awesome views from above.

A bird’s-eye view of a new destination is always a winner. So, do some research before you head out on the road and make a list of the viewpoints you wanna tick off.

Check ’em out at sunrise or sunset for an extra gorgeous backdrop to your photos.

4. Don’t forget to put the camera down as well 

Although this may sound a little contradictory, it’s a point you don’t wanna forget when you’re travelling.

Make the effort to put the camera down and just embrace what’s in front of you.

Because it’s not just about how a place looks. You’ll wanna remember the smells, sounds and emotions you felt there too. Trust us.

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Nicholas Hastie
Nicholas is a travel and health writer based in Brisbane. He’s driven by his hunger for all things travel, and enjoys documenting his journeys through writing and photography. Nicholas loves inspiring others to experience new adventures and create unforgettable memories.