Japan is one of those places that you just have to visit at least once in your life. With a unique culture, spectacular landscapes, buzzing cities and, of course, all of the food, it’s undeniable – Japan is cool AF.

Don’t believe us? Come check out these 11 photos of Japan.

Get ready to pack your bags 😏

1. Cherry blossom season in Japan brings millions of visitors to the country every year. Head to Japan around March and April to catch a glimpse of this epic event 🌸

photos of japan cherry blossom

2. Here’s another pic just in case you needed extra persuasion 😉

Japan Cherry blossom photos of japan

3. Enter: Mt Fuji. About 100 km outside of Tokyo, Mt Fuji has inspired art, locals and travellers alike for thousands of years.

photos of japan mount fuji tokyo

4. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see its peak (coming in at 3,776 metres) from Tokyo and Yokohama. Or, if you’re on the train from Tokyo to Osaka, keep an eye out of your window for a glimpse of this beauty.

photos of japan mount fuji

5. Take a stroll through this amazing bamboo forest in Kyoto in the Arashiyama district and get ready to feel really small 💚

things to do in kyoto japan bamboo forest photos of japan

6. For another impressive walkway, there’s the torrii gates that lead up to the main buildings of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. Follow the trails into the forest of the sacred Mt Inari and embrace this incredible place. 

photos of japan torrii gates kyoto

7. For more walkies, get exploring Japan’s towns and cities. The endless quaint alleyways and backstreets have more hidden gems than you can poke a sushi roll at. 

photos of japan

8. Did we mention the food in Japan is incredible? *drools* 😍

photos of japan sushi

9. Alllll the sushi 😇

 photos of japan sushi

10. Wanna work off all that food? Japan is home to some of the most famous snow sports resorts. Check out Hakuba:

photos of japan hakuba ski

11. Or Niseko for all your powder needs.

photos of japan Niseko ski

Have our photos of Japan given you itchy feet?

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Marianne Lampon
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