There are endless reasons why London should be at the top of your Europe bucket list.

And just in case you needed convincing, we’ve made a list of reasons why you should visit London ASAP.

Ready to make a move? Let’s go.

1. The markets here are awesome

London is not stingy when it comes to markets around the city.

Whether you’re looking for some unique souvenirs or just a bite to eat, London’s got it.

With the hustle and bustle game strong at Brick Lane Market, Borough Market, Portobello Road Market and Camden Market, just make sure you leave enough room in your backpack for any souvenirs 🙈

2. There are so many foodie options

things to do in london pub topdeck

If you’re watching your waistline, London’s probably a risky choice. Why? Because ALL of the foodie options are here.

Want our fave? Walk into a pub and you’ll likely be served a huge plate of hearty English food.

Think oodles of gravy to go with your Sunday roast, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, the list goes on… Don’t forget a pint to go alongside.

Alright, alright, stop drooling 😉

3. The locals are pretty cool

things to do in london camden lock market topdeck

London‘s a city where you’re pretty darn likely to find a neighbourhood filled with locals and vibes that suit you just right.

Pick up some local slang, find the local haunts after a cheeky Google search and off you go.

So, find the ends you wanna visit, wear your garms like a local and get ready for the London hype, it’s pretty sick. Trust. Innit. 😉

4. The tube is a super efficient way to get around

things to do in london earl's court tube station topdeck

Everyone has a good whinge about the tube in London. It’s too hot, it’s too crowded, the seats are gross. BUT let’s be real here, London’s underground system is engineering genius.

If you’ve come from a city where transport links kinda suck,  you’ll be amazed at London.

The architecture at some of the stations is pretty epic too. Check out Gloucester Road, Notting Hill Gate, Westminster, Earl’s Court and Waterloo stations. They should keep you busy for a few hours 😉

5. There are beautiful green spaces everywhere

things to do in london primrose hill topdeck

Nature lover? Come on over to the city which has endless amounts of grassy parkland.

Some of our faves? St James’s Park (right by Buckingham Palace for a quick wave to the Queen), the beautiful Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill (for epic views of the city).

You won’t be alone at these with all your little squirrel friends. London‘s not all about that concrete jungle life, promise.

6. There are heaps of attractions

things to do in london telephone box parliament big ben

You’re never going to be short for entertainment in London. It’s a hub of historic attractions, theatre, sport and art.

For a classic view of London, head to Westminster Abbey, Parliament, South Bank and Tower Bridge.

For something more local, why not hit up the bars in Soho, wander the river near Hammersmith or get down with the hipsters in Peckham.

You’ll never be spoilt for choice in London, promise.

7. It’s pretty hard to take an ugly picture here

Trust us.

Strike a pose in front of the colourful buildings in Notting Hill, in the buzz of Piccadilly Circus or see it all from above at the Sky Garden.

Get your phones out and start thinking of some London hashtags. Stat!

Get yourself down to London and check it out for yourself 😍

Lauryn Wilson
Originally from Sydney, Lauryn caught the travel bug after a history trip to Europe and a year living in the UK. 19 Countries later, the wanderlust just keeps on growing. Culture, food and art enthusiast, Lauryn’s always planning her next adventure.