SO youโ€™re itching for an all-American adventure this year. Weโ€™ve got that covered. 

(๐Ÿ‘€ Reading this before 29 March? Thereโ€™s up to $700 off rn! T&Cs apply obvs). 

But where can you go to partaaaay in the USA? We made this list just for you ๐Ÿ˜˜ย 


Two words: Honky. Tonk.ย 

What are they? 

Bars with country music, open til the early hours. Try Tootsies (iconic), Honky Tonk Central or AJโ€™s Good Time Bar (โ€˜nuff said).  

Why the weird name? Itโ€™s probably onomatopoeia (thx Miss Fisher, Year 9 English ๐Ÿ™) for the sound the music makes. 

Which trip? 

Get Social: USA West to East (or flip it).ย 


Did someone say poooool party?? 


From March to September you can barely walk The Strip without plummeting into a pool (not literally, that would be a hazard ๐Ÿ‘ฎ). Wet Republic at the MGM Grand is one of the wildest. 

(Psst… need brunch to sort you out the morning after? Thank us later.)  

Which trip? 

Get Social: USA West Coast / Get Social: USA West to East or East to Westย 

New York

Time to get hiiiigh at one of NYCโ€™s legendary rooftop bars.  

Your fave? 

Swing by Magic Hour for sky-high minigolf and nightly DJs. 


Make a beeline for Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Hellโ€™s Kitchen neighbourhoods. 

Which trip? 

Get Social: USA & Canada Express / Get Social: USA West to East or East to Westย 

San Francisco

Activate hipster mode and hunt down the Mission Districtโ€™s dive bars. Hit up the 500 Club for cheap drinks and vintage jukebox anthems. 

Dive *what*? 

Dive bars were originally in cellars and basements, so people could โ€˜diveโ€™ in without being noticed. No swimmers required. 

Which trip? 

Get Social: USA West Coastย 

New Orleans

Only one of the biggest and bestest parties EVER = Mardi Gras. It celebrates Shrove/Fat Tuesday in Feb or March โ€“ hereโ€™s a preview.  

Dress code? 

Purple, green and gold are traditional but *anything* goes. 


Head to the lower French Quarter to find where Gay Mardi Gras it AT. 

Which trip? 

Get Social: USA West to East or East to Westย 

Los Angeles

Go all cloak-and-dagger at one of LAโ€™s speakeasy bars. Do a disappearing act inside Black Rabbit Rose (complete with magic shows) or head to Good Times at Davey Wayneโ€™s for retro vibes. 

๐Ÿคซ Shhhh… 

History lesson: back in the 1920s when alcohol was banned in the US, speakeasies were illegal bars that sold booze. 

Which trip? 

Get Social: USA West Coast / Get Social: USA West to East or East to Westย 

San Diego

Jungle clubs. Jazz bars. Craft breweries. Whatever you want, the Gaslamp Quarterโ€™s got it. Fact. 

Where to start? 

Jump on the mechanical bull at Double Deuce country bar or check out The Tipsy Crow for live comedy and music. 

Which trip? 

Get Social: USA West Coast 

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