Whether you wanna sample some of the best whisky in the world or channel your inner Outlander fan, Scotland’s the one for you. Read our mini Scotland travel guide and check out these five reasons why you’ll wanna Google flights to Scotland ASAP.

1. Edinburgh is easily one of the best cities in the world

arthur's seat edinburgh view scotland travel guide

Some of the best authors have been inspired by the cobbled streets and Georgian grandeur of Edinburgh. We’re talking about the likes of Sir Walter Scott, Arthur Conan Doyle, and let’s not forget the mastermind behind our favourite wizard, J.K. Rowling. If they fell in love with this place, chances are you will too.

Edinburgh has a rich history, beautiful gardens, secret tunnels and even a castle to check out. Our hot tips? Hike up Arthur’s Seat for epic summer sunset views over the city, visit cosy pubs where you can hang with the locals by the fireplace on a chilly winter’s night and join in Edinburgh’s epic Hogmanay celebrations for New Year’s.

While we could ramble on for days about how beautiful the city is, you absolutely have to see it for yourself to truly understand 😍

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2. The food and drink will fill your belly and warm your soul

scottish whiskey pub scotland travel guide

If hearty food and strong liquor is your thing, then you’re in for a treat in Scotland.

You can’t go to Scotland and not try haggis. Don’t let the prospect of the ingredients freak you out too much (we’ll let you Google them in your own time 😉), this traditional Scottish dish is a lot yummier than it sounds. You’ll find this delicacy everywhere, even at breakfast buffets, and it really just tastes like a kind of spiced mince.

After something else? Try some Scottish salmon, a classic bangers and mash (that’s sausages and mashed potato), or shortbread biscuits. Yum.

Now for the drinks. Can you really say you’ve been to Scotland if you haven’t tried Scottish whisky? It’s strong, it burns your throat, but if you’re a whisky lover, you’ll be in your element. If you’re not a fan of whisky, don’t miss the ciders, beers and cocktails instead.

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3. The Scottish Highlands will make you wonder why you ever loved that city life

Scottish highlands Scotland travel guide

Home to mountains, glens, deep lochs, ancient woods and hidden beaches, the Highlands are bloody beautiful.

In spring, you’ll find fairy tale woodlands dotted with Scottish bluebell flowers. In winter, you’ll see beautiful snowcapped mountains. But all-year round, highlights of the Highlands have got to be the jagged granite peaks of Ben Loyal, the vastness of Glen Coe and the colourful buildings lining the harbour in the town of Portree.

4. The folk tales will have you seeking eternal beauty (and chasing Nessie)

loch ness compass scotland travel guide

Inverness is more than the biggest city in the Scottish Highlands, it’s also right by Loch Ness: home to the mysterious Loch Ness Monster.

This large beast has been captivating the minds of locals and travellers since the first alleged photograph of the creature emerged back in 1933. While the first person who claims to have seen Nessie has since said it was a hoax, photos of the famed beast still emerge from time to time. One guy even quit his job and bought a house by the loch to dedicate his life to proving Nessie’s existence!

So, while you might not catch a glimpse of any monsters, taking a boat cruise in Loch Ness is an awesome experience nonetheless as the views are amazing. Cameras at the ready! And if you still need convincing, don’t miss our blog on why a trip to Loch Ness is totally worth it.

If you’d rather keep clear of monsters, why not head across to the Isle of Skye in search of eternal youth and beauty? Legend has it that if you dip your face into the water of the Sligachan River, you’ll become the most beautiful person in the world. Questionable! But don’t let it stop you from giving it a go.

5. COWS!

And finally, the cuteness of Highland cows is enough proof that Scotland should be at the top of your travel list. Wanna book those flights to Scotland yet? 😉

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