We all know Venice is a-maze-ing during any time of year. But for some reason, this enchanting city just dials it up to 11 during the summer time. Need convincing? Come have a read and see why a trip to Venice in summer is oh-so worth it.

Let’s go!

1. You can soak up the sun and sights on a gondola ride

Can you even say you went to Venice if you didn’t go on a gondola ride? Seriously, it’s so much fun.

The gondoliers are so talented at balancing the gondolas (especially when it’s full of six Topdeckers cheerfully singing ‘That’s Amore’). But, if you’re thinking about a career change, listen up. You’ll have to attend a course that lasts 12-18 months for your license AND usually be born into a family who’ve been gondoliers for generations. Eek!

They say you know you’re a master of the gondola when you can steer with a full glass of wine on-board and not spill a drop! Woah.

Gondola ride Venice canal blue sky topdeck europe italy

2. You can get wonderfully lost

Venice is a city like no other, and there seems to be absolutely no method to the madness. So, if there’s one thing that’s true about Venice – you are going to get lost! Advice? Just keep on walking! There’s always a pretty hidden gem just around the corner.

Before you know it, you’ll be ticking off some of the 400+ bridges here. Our top pick? The Rialto Bridge. Crossing the Grand Canal, this famous bridge dates back to the 12th century and has a bunch of stalls/shops that line its steps. You’ll soon see 😉

Be sure to rock some shades, a hat and some lightweight clothes as you stroll around to beat that summer heat in style.

venice in summer grand canal polaroid

3. You can try out the food and bevs

Ain’t nothing like tuckin’ into a truly Italian feast of pizza and prosecco after a busy morning exploring Venice.

And if that wasn’t enough, in the summer, the locals know how to hit the spot by displaying fresh fruit under glistening water fountains. Want more? Why not indulge in a gelato (or three) for dessert? Just the ticket to help you cool down in the warm weather.

If you’re after the true Venetian classics, make sure you try squid ink risotto and other seafood pasta dishes. For drinks, don’t miss Aperol or a peach Bellini. Cheers!

venice in summer girl eating pizza aperol spritz topdeck europe italy

4. You can live that island-hopping life

Did you know there are over 118 islands in Venice? Yes, really!

Be sure to visit Burano island. This place is famous for hand-made lace as well as some next-level colourful buildings which pop in the summer sunshine. Instagram at the ready! Don’t miss the island of Murano either – it’s famous for some incredible glass-blowing action.

In summer, a vaporetto ride to these islands is a great way to enjoy being out in the Venetian sun while you’re getting from A to B. Ready for some epic views?

Venice in summer burano colourful buildings

5. You can learn about Venetian masks

If you’re thinking about travelling to Venice with Topdeck, you’re in luck. Why? ‘Cos your Trip Leader will let you know about loads of awesome history on a walking tour.

But one of the most fascinating things you’ll learn is that the famous long nosed Venetian masks were originally created to ward off the plague. Doctors used to put sage and medicinal herbs inside the long snout to stay healthy! Interesting, hey?

long nose venetian mask venice in summer

6. You can visit the Doge’s Palace

Who knew that something so beautiful used to be a prison?! Located in St Mark’s Square (or Piazza San Marco, if we’re gettin’ fancy) the Doge’s Palace used to keep prisoners in the most inhospitable living conditions. Among them was Giacomo Casanova who famously escaped by sliding down a drain from the prison roof.

One infamous torture method at the time was caging prisoners in the hot summer sun between the two poles located outside the prison. When visiting in summer, you can only imagine how hot it must have been out there…

Once you’ve checked out the Palace, stroll back through the Square to see Saint Mark’s Basilica. With its beautiful domes and stand-out Byzantine design, this place is like nothing else you’ll see in Italy. Once inside, be sure to look up! Why? Because the ceiling glitters with enough golden mosaics to fill two American-sized football fields. Just, wow. The best part? It’s free to get in! Arrive early to beat the summer crowds and you’re on to a winner.

Venice in summer is one not to miss. Check out our new trips that spend two nights in Venice: the Euro City Trail, The Continental and the European Promenade. Perfect for getting all of that exploring in.

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Jane Savage
Currently located in Brisbane working in the Marketing Team at Topdeck, Jane has lived in Singapore, Bangkok and completed a short stint in Estonia. Safe to say, Jane LOVES to travel and you’ll always find her planning the next big adventure.