Brace yourself, we’re about to use the C word. No, not that one. COVID. Before you chuck your phone to the other side of the room and pretend to be delulu about the lost years, stick with us. We’ve got the deets on how to get your revenge. Travel edition.  

So, what is revenge travel? 

one young female laughing in-between to males, all in swimwear with a calm lake in the background surrounded by trees

Short answer: the G.O.A.T. of travel trends post-lockdown. 

Long answer: the absolute NEED to get back out there and travel to new places cos COVID did not pass the vibe check when it took over the world (without even looking like a Booktok villain – the audacity) and made us spend our best years indoors.  

How do you take your revenge? A Topdeck guide: 

group of young people laughing a smiling in a snowy backdrop with mountains in the distance and a blue sky overhead

Just wanna put it out there that we don’t promote bad vibes, but revenge travel is a necessary part of the grieving process. You might not have gone when you were supposed to, but if we listen to the astrology/crystal side of TikTok, it was *meant* to happen this way.  

So, here’s what you’re gonna do. 

Step 1: Choose Topdeck 

The travel fairy godmother you always wished for. 

Step 2: Pick the trip style that suits your personality. 

We know you can’t be shoved into a box. Let your individuality ✨sparkle✨ on a trip style that suits your personality most. We’ve got four to choose from: 

  • Get Social – social vibes 24/7 with a BIG group of travel besties 
  • Play & Pause – time for thrills and time to chill the f out; it’s the perfect balance 
  • Delve Deep – full-on immersion into a different culture to cure all those curiosities 
  • Sail & Swim – living your best mermaid life in glittering waters 

Step 3: Pick a place 

Where do YOU wanna travel? 🌍  

Europe? Asia? New Zealand? North America? The Middle East?  

Forget the trends. Forget where your mates wanna go. Put yourself first and follow your dream. 

Step 4: Check out the dates 

Wanna extend your summer? Wanna see snow for the first time? This is your trip, your way.  

Pick a date that suits you. 

Easy peasy, ay? 

Ready for revenge?  

photo taken from above of a group of people in wetsuits off the side of a boat surrounded by calm blue ocean

Step-by-step ✔️ 

Here’s some last min Topdeck inspo that’ll make you wanna take on the world, kinda like Stereotypical Barbie after Gloria gave that speech 💅🏻: 

Take control. Experience life away from home. Do something you’ll remember f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Invest in yourself. Be the REAL you. Cos there ain’t anyone else on this planet like you.  

Okay, you’re ready. 

If you’re feeling super spontaneous, get yourself on a 2023 trip TODAY. 

If you need time to consult your calendar, our 2024 trips are ready and waiting (and there’s a few brand-spanking-new ones too!). 

Call us the devil on your shoulder, you’re about to get your revenge – and feel real awesome doing it 🔥