Say YES to culture. Say YES to history. Say YES to the new and exotic. 

ASIA is serving it allll up on a shiny platter. And you know it’s packed with moments you’ll talk about when you’re as old as the AI on that savage TikTok filter 💀 Remember that eye-opening time?

Expressing gratitude in Japan 

Japanese Buddhist in traditional robes, banging mallet against Bonshō (Buddhist bell)

Japan is famous for HEAPS of stuff. Geisha. Hello Kitty (a millennial staple, sue them). Koi. Sushi. Cherry blossom. Karaoke. The list is ENDLESS. If you’ve been dreaming of your once-in-a-lifetime Japan trip for a while, you’ve probs got the TikToks recs, the Pinterest boards and the notes on your phone with every last detail. If you’re a planner that is.  

Well, forget it all. Yep. You need room for the REAL moments. These aren’t something you just tick off a list and say hey, I’ve seen that now, got the pic to prove it, clearly done Japan right. Nay nay. You’re going on this Japan trip, and you’re gonna FEEL. That’s right. FEEL. Wanna know how? By getting up at ridiculous o’clock to spend the morning with some Buddhists. Yep. You’re about to go full on zen mode.  

It’s all about cleansing the body and mind. You’ll wash your hands and mouth before entering the sacred space. Inhale wafts of Zuko powdered incense. Attend a religious morning service. And express gratitude. You’re gonna feel allll kinds of ways and this beats scrolling TikTok wishing you could live life by that inspirational quote. You don’t need the quote. You’re doing it Right. Here. Fact.  

Where to do it? On Delve Deep: Japan. This 12-day trip takes you in DEEP on an adventure from Tokyo to Osaka. Think: culture, hidden gems, scenery, cities and MORE. 

Feeling at peace in Thailand

Thailand eco lodge in rainforest

You may know it for the Full Moon Party. Getting sweaty under the glow of moonlight is UNforgettable. No cap. And obvs the bustling streets of Bangkok are where it’s at for full-on Thai city life. Let’s not forget: the local eats, the permanent Thai smiles and paradisal beaches. 

But, we’re all about those REAL, gritty, one-of-a-kind moments. So when we tell you you can stay at an eco lodge in the middle of Khao Sok National Park, you know this is as real as it gets. You get comfort. You get that sweet as R&R. You get mind-blowing nature right on your doorstep. It doesn’t get better than this. One Topdecker says it’s “gorgeous”. Hard agree tbh. 

Where to do it? There’s not one, but TWO trips you can experience feeling at peace in Thailand. #1: Delve Deep: Northern Thailand. #2: Delve Deep: Southern Thailand.  

Soaking up history in Vietnam 

Vietnamese vendor walking through Hanoi street

Obvs you go to Vietnam to stuff your face with all the de-lish street food. We’re talking slammin’ spring rolls, pho gha, bánh mì etccc. Pack loose pants cos no matter how many steps you get in erryy day, you’re leaving the meal prep, protein shake life behind and indulging in a lotta food.  

The one-of-a-kind experience between every bite…? 

Jump on the back of a stranger’s moped. Stick with us. They may be a stranger to you, but these local guides know a thing or two about dodging the traffic AND they give a pretty good insight into allll the history. Yep. You want ancient tradition, prison stories (not theirs, we swear!) and local recs to the best egg coffee and Bun Cha spots? This is as authentic as it gets.

Where to do it? Delve Deep: Vietnam & Cambodia. Mind-blowing natural beauty. Ancient architecture. Tropical scenery. Unique cultures. And so much MORE in just 17 days.

Climbing mountains in Bali

Mount Batur, Bali, at sunset

Shout out to Baliii. Technically this little piece of paradise ain’t part of the Asia fam, but we’re including it anyway cos inclusivity slays. Travellers and tourists alike go to Bali for the chill vibes. Let’s be real. Beaches. Yoga. Zen. A little bit of surfing if you’re into that sorta thing. Newsflash, Bali’s got MORE.  

Pull on your sportswear. Lace up your trainers. Run the shop for some schnackksss and climb a mountain at sunset. You ready for allll the feels? Cos sunsets in Bali hit different. Seriously. You’ll have a sunset hangover when you get home. Worried about the hike? Don’t be! It’s an intermediate climb and when you’re with your travel fam, you can Conquer. The. World. 

Where to do it? Delve Deep: Bali & the Gili Islands. It’s got temples. It’s got culture. It’s got local life. And it’s got REAL experiences you ain’t gonna forget when you return home.