Our 2023 trips are comin in hot. We know all our trips are hotter than Triple J’s Hottest 100 😉 so it can be pretty rough working out which one you wanna go for. We’re laying out our trip styles ft. some POV moments to help you think about which trip style is gonna hit different for YOU in 2023. 

Get Social

POV: One day you’re waking up in Barcelona heading out for paella. The next you’re sauntering to a glam beach on the French Riviera and seeing how the 1% live in Monaco.  

Expect: Fast-paced madness but in a life goals and meeting pals you’ll bond with forever kinda way. (Shotgun top bunk).  

Group Size: Max 48 (average of 30). The more people = the more fun! Immiright? 

Where: Our Get Social trips go all round Europe, so if you wanna do Central, Northern or Eastern Europe we got you covered. Or all of the above (MEGA European here we come). We also Get Social in NZ and the Canadian Rockies if mad mountains and jaw-dropping scenery is your ting.  

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Play & Pause

POV: Waking up in the jaw-dropping Swiss Alps and contemplating which awesome activities you wanna do. Grab a bike and go exploring? Take the famous gondola to the top of Mt Titlis for some surreal views? Or just chill out and take in the unforgettable scenery?  

Expect: Free time so you can choose how you wanna spend your days. Your trip, your choice girlfriend. We be playin but we also be pausin (in twin / double room shares rather than dorms) so we can go harddd again the next day 😎.  

Group Size: 28 (average of 20) 

Where: All over Europe, the US of A and Canadian Rockies. 

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Sail & Swim

POV: Waking up on a boat and diving in for a morning dip in the glistening blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Grabbing ya floaty and bobbing along in the waves with an epic crew. Stepping out into gorgeous Croatian towns and exploring before going back for a chill sesh lounging on a sun-soaked deck.  

Expect: Lots of time floating round Croatia living ya best life in an inflatable donut. Do a cheeki google of Makarska to sea what you could be missing… 

Group Size: Max 36 (average of 15) 

Where: Croatia 

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Delve Deep

POV: Wandering down off-the-beaten paths in Kyoto with a local Trip Leader and getting stuck into epic Japanese food joints. Immersing yourself in new adventures so you can get even closer to rad culture, inspiring history and intoxicating local activities (and try all the sushi you can get your chopsticks on).  

Expect: To hit the hay in quirky accom along the way like floating bungalows, rustic lodges or desert camps. Delve deep goes deeper than the guy she tells you not to worry about does. 

Group Size: 20 (average of 12) 

Where: We delve deep all over the place tbh. Probs easier if you check out our Delve Deep trip page. 

We got 4 trip styles chock-full of awesomeness. Some people love crazy chaos with a big group, others need personal chill time, some wanna get into local living and others just wanna float in the sea all day.