You’ve heard about it. You’ve dreamed of it. You got mates who did it. But have YOU ever taken the time out to do a HUGE trip round Europe? (Like our Get Social: Big European trip 😉). This trip is a rite of passage. It’s like graduating from school (but wayyy better). The time is NOW to get out there and see that badass world. Life will pass youuuu by if you don’t open up your eyes ⬇️ 

It’s been a long time comin’ 

Okkkk so we wanna put it alllll behind us BUT let’s take a sec to think about how pure sh*t the last couple years were without travel. You got a lotttt to catch up on. Missed pals. Missed countries. Missed travel vibes. The impact has had a huuge toll on our sanity. So it’s never been more important to go off and travel the world tbh (esp. Europe). We are all srsly lacking new interactions, feeling the pure adrenaline of soaking up an unbelievable new place and vibing with people we never wouldda crossed paths with if not. Idk about you but we’re CRAVING hitting up new places more than we crave gelato every time we touch down in bella Italia

14 countries ticked off in one trip? Hells yeah! 

14 COUNTRIES. Can you even imagine experiencing that many jaw-dropping, f*ck-am-I-really-here places in one trip? Whether it’s Greece’s dreamy white beaches, the spine-tingling Swiss scenery or the cities you’ve only ever seen in movies (Rome, Berlin, Venice yes pls). Most people spend their lifetime tryin to travel to that many countries or slide in that much travel in between work.  

FACT – The average Australian visits 10 countries in their whole life.  

Even Brits with Europe on their doorstep average only 12*. Ya got no big commitments just yet? Maybe it’s totes the best time to do the iconic, one and only Get Social: Big European trip. The older you get = the more likely you are to have long-term shiz holding ya down. Just a heads up 🤷‍♀️. 

14 countries + a huge group of pals + mems that last a lifetime = why it’s aright to book that flight ✅ 

Travelling Europe > Holidaying Europe


It’s great to hop on a plane and hit up France for a week and all, but on a big Euro trip you get wayyy more embedded into local life. Why land in Par-ee, snap a few pics of le Tour Eiffel and do JUST the tradish touristy stuff when you could be hunting down the best pastries or getting hella funky at the cabaret ft. some bendy blokes doing acrobatics? Exactement. We got Euro trips that offer heaps of downtime too, so if you got your own to-do list, our Play & Pause: Epic European option gives you the perfect mix of group activities and all-important YOU time. 

🌟 ADDED BONUS – your Trip Leader will always have a lot of insider info and inspo in each place. They do this sh*t for a living (lucky buggers), so they got you covered with their wisdom whenever ya need to lean on them. 

Your vibe attracts your Euro tribe

Solo travel is awesome and it’s ok from time to time, but when it’s just you to witness those mems you miss out on a LOT. That dude on the trip that had everyone in hysterics with his bad European accents? The peeps you had the most epic day with chasing waterfalls? For real, you won’t meet anyone better. The pals you vibe with on your BIG European trip will be the ones you text when you’re craving Italian food. The ones you tag in red-hot destinations you see on the gram. The ones you run through endless had-to-be-there moments with daily. Doing Europe with Topdeck = meeting people you’ll remember forever + having epic mems that you’ll never forget ✌️. 

☎️ Ringgg Ringggg… Who that? 

Europe calling. 

Find the drop-dead gorgeous Euro trip you wanna couple up with –>>   

*Agoda study 2020