Wanna hear something awesome? Travel is scientifically proven to make you happier. So if you needed an excuse to book that trip you’ve been dreamin of, we got four reasons it’ll save your sanity. 

If science says you should travel then you should probs just get booking ASAP 😉 

1. Booking a trip has a positive mental impact 

Even before you GO on the trip, just knowing you’ve got one planned can have a positive impact on your brain. Psychology Today reveals that 97% of survey respondents reported that having a trip booked makes them more content. So whether you spend your days dreaming about tucking into souvlaki in Greece or being dumbstruck by dreamy islands in Scandinavia, knowing you’ve got something on the cards will keep your brain on cloud nine. 

(esp. if you do it with Topdeck, cos we bring together the best people in the world). 

2. Travel reduces job burnout 

A hell of a lot of studies have been done into job burnout at the mo and it seems like the pandemic burned the f*ck out of us tbh. A crazzzy two-thirds of workers say the pandemic has worsened employee burnout, with 58% of Gen Z’s and 59% of millennials impacted (Indeed). That’s more than half of us feeling like we’ve been wading through elephant sh*t over the past cupla years. So dig yourself out and book yourself a plane ticket to cleanse your mind and restore your energy levels. It’s about damn timmeee. 

3. To unplug = the best kinda drug 

27% of ALL workers surveyed are unable to unplug from work (Indeed). Wbu? If you struggle switching off at night and stress about the next day, it’s probs time you took some time off. When you’ve got the wind blowing in your hair cruising along the Dalmatian Islands ft. some vibey music and a tinnie, you aint thinking about whether you sent that email before you left. Trust us. 

4. Being outdoors can ease stress and anxiety


Outdoor activities come out on top for releasing those spine-tingling endorphins you experience when you paddleboard through a gorg lake or hike to an unreal viewpoint.  

During our trips we spend heaps of time outside, whether that’s exploring unique Eastern European cities or just simply dining al fresco on a warm Italian evening with an Aperol Spritz. 

We can’t promise miracles, but we know that a recipe for success = bringing together some awesome people, mad-good activities and outdoorsy stuff for the bestttt chance of getting those positive, mood-boosting vibes

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