You can’t beat that buzz when you’re packing for a trip. Soon to be out on the road, exploring what this awesome world has to offer, packing marks the start of your next adventure. But before the exploring can start, there’s the flight to deal with. Packing suitable and useful items into your hand luggage or carry-on baggage can make a flight so much less hassle than it needs to be. Other than the obvious such as your passport and travel documents, check out our handy guide for what to pack in your hand luggage.

You can thank us later 😉

1. A change of clothes

what to pack in your hand luggage

The weather and time of day is likely to be different when you finally arrive at your destination. So, it’s worth bringing a change of clothes. Whether it’s a jacket and long pants or shorts and a t-shirt, pack it in there.

Plus, they can also be used during the flight to achieve super cozy levels. Yes!

2. Eye mask and ear plugs

Handy to block out distractions and guarantee a good nap, an eye mask and ear plugs are carry-on packing essentials.

Eye mask = no unwelcome light.
Ear plugs = no air craft noise and no more noisy passengers.

3. Snacks

what to pack in your hand luggage

When considering what to pack in your hand luggage, this should be an absolute priority (if you love food as much as we do).

Biscuits, power or protein bars, trail mix; they’re all good options to keep you full (and save your wallet) during the flight.

4. Toiletries

Feeling clean and hygienic during a flight is key. Packing items into your hand luggage like a small tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, chewing gum, face wipes and eye drops can make you feel human again during longer flights.

Also, hand sanitiser is your friend. Trust us.

5. A pen

Hands up if you’ve asked to borrow a pen to fill out a landing card. Guilty!

Save time and effort and pack one before you go to kick-start your adventure on a good note.

6. Charger

Whether it’s for your phone, camera, or laptop, don’t forget this baby to make sure you can stay connected once you land.

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Nicholas Hastie
Nicholas is a travel and health writer based in Brisbane. He’s driven by his hunger for all things travel, and enjoys documenting his journeys through writing and photography. Nicholas loves inspiring others to experience new adventures and create unforgettable memories.