While Warsaw, Poland, doesn’t have the same high profile as some of the other European big hitters, it certainly has plenty of history, architecture and delicious food to shout about. With so much to see and do, check out our tips to help you get the most out of your time in Warsaw. 48 hours in Warsaw? No problem.

1. Pack your walking shoes

48 hours in Warsaw

Warsaw is everything you’d expect from a classic Eastern European city but with the added hallmarks of a super modern city too: major company offices, tall steel and glass towers and of course, food chains. It’s pretty normal to walk past company HQs and then a classic cathedral on the same block, which is pretty cool.

So, open your map, pick a spot and see where you end up. You could cross the river to the historic Warsaw Zoo, travel in time through the Old Town or get exploring one of the many parks and cultural centres. So many options for 48 hours in Warsaw 😍

2. Indulge in local food and drink

Local cuisine is a must when you’re in Warsaw. Polish food is unique and creative, so get stuck in.

Start with pierogi (savoury or sweet dumplings) and then try any other traditional dishes on the menu that take your fancy. Be sure to hunt for restaurants on side streets away from tourist areas. You’ll save a bit of money and get a taste of authentic local delicacies.

While you’re at it, be sure to try a local brew. When it comes to wine and vodka, the Polish know what they’re doing. Our go-to bar? The Alchemist for awesome food and creative drinks.

3. Don’t forget to tip good service

48 hours in warsaw

On the topic of eating out, tipping is expected at a rate of 10-15% of your bill, especially after good service.

But, heads up! If you say ‘thank you’ after paying for your meal in cash at a restaurant, this will often be taken as an indication you don’t want the change from your bill. To avoid any awkwardness, only say this when you’re happy with the service you received and are OK for your server to keep the change.

If you aren’t happy, use the phrase ‘prosze’ (pronounced pro-shesh) which means ‘please’ in Polish. This will be taken as an indication that you want your change back, regardless of the amount. Sorted.

4. Get amongst the history

Poland is known for a lot of things, one of them being its history. There are museums throughout the city where you can learn about the country’s turbulent past.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom are particularly interesting, offering an insight into some of the darker and more tragic parts of Poland’s history. This experience will show how far Warsaw and the rest of the country have come since the First and Second World Wars as well as highlighting the resilience of its people.

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Jack Griffiths
Jack works as part of the international marketing team at Topdeck. Living in London, he still calls Australia home. When he isn’t watching the rugby, you’ll find him eating somewhere in Europe.