Is Britain on your hit-list? How bout Ireland? Luckily for you, we got the low-down. We know where to find the most delish fish and chips, the most lit Galway pub for a singalong and scenic islands you’ve probs never heard of (Aran Islands yes pls). Stay tuned for Trip Leader highlights from our recent Delve Deep: Britain & Ireland trip, the group’s fav mems and some #feelreal moments along the way (iykyk). 

Grab a fork and get stuck into York

So what we f*cking LIVE for is getting people melting over places they thought looked kinda sh*tty on the itin. You know the places you look at and think ‘yeah I guess that’ll be alright in between the bucket list desos’. But then our Topdeckers get there and think ‘nah yeah this is pretty vibey’. This happened in the English cathedral city York. Ace. Our Trip Leader Tim loves a bit of York as his grandfather and great grandparents grew up there, so he loves showing guests where they used to live (very spesh moment for him). As York’s not v well-known, no one really knew what to expect and guests fell in love with it. York was the dark horse of all dark horses.  

Edinburgh Energyy (pronounced Edin-borough) 

Edinburgh is in the god’s tier of cities tbh and gazing out at the Arthur’s Seat lookout was a whole mood for the group. Tim says he always hears about crappy weather in Edinburgh, but whenever he’s there it seems to be pretty glorious. TIP – if you wanna see Edinburgh in the sunshine, go with our TL Tim 😉. There’s also a lottt of good food to get stuck into out there. Tim highly recommends giving the haggis a go but aint so keen on the fried mars bars. Hop onto our IG to see some of our group giving em a try… 

Vibin at the Aran Islands 

So what about the actual ppl on the trip? What were the mems that’ll stay with em’ forever (or just until their next TD trip 😉). The Aran Islands were an optional activity, but most of the group thought ‘Why tf not?’. Yolo and been locked down for a cupla years and all that. It was EPIC as the group explored these awesome islands by bike and got to see bloody thousands of forts and rock formations. ADDED BONUSguess who followed them around the whoooole time? Donkeys. So bloody worth it. Just for the donkeys. 

#FEELREAL moments

#FEELREAL is kinda what we live for. We don’t wanna bring together fake ppl not up for the ride; so real passion, real people, real moments etc etccc is what we mean when we say #FEELREAL. This trip’s #feelreal moment took place at The Cliffs of Moher. It was a a bleak, crappy day and the group couldn’t see 5 metres in front of them. Thennn… Ta daaa ✨. A cray-cray moment where the clouds made a breakthrough revealing the magical Moher cliffs and everyone was proper gassed (gotta talk like the Brits, aye). 

There you have it. Grammable scenery (ft. donkeys). A completely diff accent in each location. Mad-good cities. Britain and Ireland are locations everyone needs to get around. If Yorkshire Pudding wraps from York don’t make you book a flight ASAP, we dunno what will really. Check out our Delve Deep: Britain & Ireland trip and see if it’s a bit of you.