You’ve heard it all before. The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, the ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made’ (thanks Alicia Keys). But, for those of you of who’ve never been, we thought we’d break it down into five reasons why New York is the best city on Earth.

1. The buzz is like nowhere else

Look, this is hard to explain but once you go, you’ll know.

The energy is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It’s impossible to have a lie in here. Shops stay open 24/7, there’s constantly people everywhere and there’s always something to do. It’s mad. But sick. Grab a coffee and go hustle!

2. Central Park is legit

The modern architecture is stunning, yes. But, the gigantic buildings look so much more impressive because of the contrasting beautiful greenery of Central Park.

Imagine a park, approx 3.4 km², filled with basketball courts, bike paths, baseball fields, lakes, tiny cute turtles and more green grass and majestic trees than you can shake a stick at. Pun intended.

The people playing basketball are intimidatingly good though, so don’t volunteer to play unless you’ve got some serious skills.

3. The views are epic

We’re sure you’ve seen the views from the top of the Empire State Building. But nothing you’ve ever seen through a screen can compare to what you’ll see through your own eyes.

Pro tip: get yourself to the top of the Rockefeller Center and catch the best views of the city. If you nail the shot, it will 100% be wallpaper-worthy.

4. The Empire State Building. Just because.

Can we just appreciate that this building was completed in 1931? That’s 87 years ago. 87!

Imagine how much it must’ve towered over the city back then. It must’ve seemed like aliens had dropped a building in the middle of Manhattan.

Even now, the Empire State Building dominates the New York skyline and it’s currently the 28th tallest building in the world. It had previously held the number 1 spot up until 1970. It’s THE icon of an already iconic place.

5. You feel like you’re in a TV show / YouTube vlog every day

With so many awesome films, TV series and vlogs being shot here, you really feel like you’re on the set of your favourites.

Keep a keen eye out for Casey Neistat, Ross and Rachel, King Kong or maybe even Spider-Man 😉

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Jon Sutcliffe
Jon looks after all things social for Topdeck Travel. A Brit living in London, he loves anything to do with travel, sport or photography!