This one means a LOT to us here. Mental Health. It’s 2023 and it’s still not getting the attention it deserves. We wanna change that and make sure enough people are looking after themselves this Mental Health Awareness Month and ALWAYS 💛. 

We all love a good trip here at HQ (shocker) and wanna share how travelling can be a great reset for your mind: 

  1. Activities in scenic areas = good for the soul: Think about how you feel when you gotta be cooped up inside working or studyin hard 🤓. NOW picture skiing down an alpine slope, fresh air on your face, gliding past snow-capped trees. OR paddleboarding into the sunset with the sound of the waves rippling around you. All. The. Feels. 
  1. Time away = more energy, more passion (iykyk): Research has shown that people who take regular vacays suffer less with stress and depression. Go away + return with heaps of energy. Win win. The more days you spend living ya best life away, the more hyped your brain will be 🧠. 

  2. Travelling = creativity: It can be soo easy to slip into a routine, but taking time to switch it up can unlock all the creative energy in your brain. Travel sorts you out with new mates from all over the globe with new perspectives. Think about trips you’ve taken. Got an epic new tip from a rando? Got a new place on your list you now wanna travel? You’ll always unlock insane new things when travelling… 

  3. Just booking that dream trip gets you pumped: It’s been proven that just having a trip booked can make you happier. Pre-trip excitement and getting that booking receipt come through is a MOOD. Having something vibey coming up helps make everything else sooo much better. Easy pease. 

So this Mental Health Month, check out some of our tips 💛 : 

  • Give your mind space to relax  
  • Mix up your environment; work somewhere else when you can, take a trip somewhere new, find a new hike or route to release those feel-good endorphins 
  • Find a new activity to help you chill – yoga, biking, meditation, (plenty of good podcasts for this and you can do 5 mins even, no need to sit in a dark room and stare at a wall) 
  • Take days slower where poss 
  • Self-care days for the WIN: slow coffee walks, pampering sessions, days with a book at the beach, netflix and chill (couldn’t think of much better tbh) 
  • Cancel plans if it gives you space to recharge: your real ones will understand 💅 

Take time out to do you and make sure you prioiritise your mental health at all times. Not many things are so big that they should impact your long-term health.  

What are you gonna switch up that will recharge your soul this Mental Health Awareness Month? Share using #MentalHealthAwareness and #Topdecker 

Look after yourself not just this month but every month. 

Team Topdeck x