For the bucket-list cities where we offer free time, we give you an EXPERIENCE you’ll never forget. One of those spine-tingling, jaw-dropping, eye-bulging life experiences you remember so vividly, you can SMELL the memory and FEEL allll the feels in a SNAP. Or more, if you choose to travel with us again and again 😉 

A small group of people in their twenties who have just gotten out of a lake in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Your Topdeck Experience in 4 parts:

1. Your inclusions

These are all 100% bona fide INCLUDED in your trip. Meaning? You won’t shell out one teeny cent. 

Inclusions you’ll love: 

2. Your options

Hand-picked by our in-house team, these optional activities take your travel experience to the next level – well worth the extra dollar! 

Options you don’t wanna miss out on: 

3. Trip Leader rates

We’ve called them the experts for years cos they’ve tried and tested it all. And they’re all about sharing their fave places during your trip. 

Hot spots rated by TLs: 

  • Cantine del Vino già Schiavi in Venice 🍷 
  • Speculum Alchemiae Museum in Prague 🧪 
  • Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest 🛀   

4. City Insiders love

From the weird to the wonderful, our fave locals know their city inside OUT. Wanna know what they’re lovin’ right now? Sorted. 

A taste of the awesome categories: 

  • Cute spots to grab a coffee ☕ 
  • Lit bars to say cheers 🍻 
  • Incred places to get your culture fix 🎭 
Large crowd of young people outside a local bar in Venice, Italy.

Why City Insiders?

We’ve got the inclusions, the options and the Trip Leaders. Even though 3’s a magic number, we wanted to add a lil somethin’ somethin’ into the mix. A cherry on top of an already delish cake. A feature that sets us apart. And so, City Insiders was born.  

The locals we collab with know where alll the secret hot spots are, are in LOVE with their city and give Topdeck energy. Which is EXACTLY why we chose them. Wanna meet a few awesome City Insiders rn? Sorted 👇 

Polina, Amsterdam
Jen, LA
Jasmine & Freya, Tokyo

The Nitty Gritty Bit(ty)

You gotta book the trip and download the Topdeck app to unlock alll the sweet deets. PSA: the maps (where the info’s kept) won’t be available until approx. 4 months before you begin your Topdeck trip. Why? Cos that’s when the excitement REALLY ramps up 🙌… and we wanna make sure your maps are up to date for when you travel. 

Sneak peek of a Local Lowdown map

PACKED with all the good stuff, this interactive Google map is your best mate for the free time during your trip. 

Screenshot of interactive Topdeck Google map featuring city of Paris

One last thing…

Don’t forget to jump into 2024 with some REAL you vibes and take your year to the NEXT LEVEL.

Group of young people in their twenties jumping with their hands in the air in front of a large red apple sculpture.